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paper visa vs e-visa in Dubai

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E-visas have been a trending topic these days and have been successful in making a special place in the hearts and minds of travelers planning to visit Dubai in 2024. But travelers often find themselves in a confusion regarding the competency of an e-visa with reference to traditional visas. 

Thus to clear all the doubts regarding the worthiness of an e-visa, we have prepared a discussion on the Dubai paper visa vs e-visa. The article encapsulates various parameters for differentiating an e-visa from a "paper visa" and concludes the best visa type that you should go for if you’re planning to travel to Dubai this year. 

What is a Paper Visa in Dubai?

A paper visa is a hard-copy visa issued by the government of Dubai. It can be applied by submitting your passport and other documents physically to the embassy. It is a traditional visa type that was preferred by travelers before the introduction of e-visa portals. 

In the case of a paper visa, embassies call travelers and stamp their visas physically. In other words, the applicant was required to present himself multiple times at the embassy to receive visa approval.

What is a Dubai E-Visa?

Taking away the hecticness of a paper visa, the government of Dubai introduced the e-visa (also known as an electronic visa). It is a soft-copy visa that can be applied for online. All the documentation and formalities are completely online i.e. there is no need to be present at the embassy to get your visa approved. 


The Difference in Travel Procedure in a Paper Visa and E-Visa

A question that makes a traveler skeptical about going for an e-visa is if there are any changes in travel procedure on an e-visa as compared to a paper visa. This question is very normal and here is the answer to this question.

There is no way in which a paper visa enjoys an upper hand over an e-visa. Both of them hold the same validity and are equally recognized under immigration laws in Dubai. The only visible differences are the way of application and mode of delivery. The application for a Dubai e-visa is submitted online. There is no need to submit your passport at the embassy to obtain a visa. On the other hand, for getting a paper visa, physical documents are required to be submitted to the local embassy. 

Once an e-visa is approved, it is sent to the applicant through the mail, after which he can download it and take a printout to be shown at the immigration. On the contrary, a paper visa is either delivered through courier services (which is a paid service) or the applicant can collect the visa from the embassy.

Different Types of E-Visas in Dubai

Dubai offers different types of visas that you can obtain electronically. Given below is a list of different types of e-visas that can be applied for visiting Dubai.

  1. 48-hours Dubai visit visa
  2. 96-hour Dubai visit visa 
  3. 14-days single-entry Dubai visa
  4. 30-days single-entry Dubai visa
  5. 30-days multiple-entry Dubai visa
  6. 90-days single-entry Dubai visa
  7. 90-days multiple-entry Dubai visa

You can also apply for a Dubai visa extension if you already own a visa. 

How to Apply for an E-Visa in Dubai?

You can get your Dubai e-visa in just4 simple steps using our website. Dubai Visit Visa Online is a comprehensive visa portal, designed to serve all visa services under one roof. You can apply for Dubai visa, track your visa application, and consult experts 24x7 through the website and your visa is delivered to you within 3-4 days of application. The team has served hundreds of thousands of clients and you can also get your visa without much effort. 

In The End

We hope that you could understand the difference between an e-visa and a paper visa in Dubai. Start your e-visa application today and experience the most lavish country in the world. 

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