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can i enter abu dhabi on a dubai visit visa

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Please confirm your visa conditions before traveling to the UAE, and ensure you own a valid visa or that your passport is active for a minimum amount of time. Owners of non-standard passports and travel papers may face additional entry criteria. Find out if you need to obtain a visa and learn about other passport necessities. Certain nations' residents do not need to make ahead visa preparations to visit the UAE and therefore can acquire a visa on arrival. But for most nationals, having a visa to travel to Dubai is a must.

Hence, it is advised they have an electronic visa for UAE before they travel to the country.

Travelling To UAE- DUBAI

Vaccinated visitors to the UAE aren't needed to show a negative RT-PCR test result for COVID-19 at the terminal of departure. Nevertheless, someone who is not vaccinated must either provide a valid, negative outcome of an RT-PCR test performed within two days of entry or a COVID-19 healing certificate (including a QR code) given within 1 month of leaving if they had been exposed to the virus.


Is There Any Need To Test Before You Fly To Abu Dhabi?

If you are completely vaccinated, there is no need for a test to travel to Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is still the safe, beautiful, and multicultural place you last experienced. If you are completely immunized, you will no longer require a test to fly to Abu Dhabi from about Feb 26, 2022.

And if you're not fully vaccinated, you should produce a COVID-19 healing certificate or a negative PCR test result obtained within 48 hours. Your recovery certification must contain a QR code and be issued within 1 month after departure. Children below the age of Twelve are not permitted. When landing at Abu Dhabi Airport, a PCR test isn't any longer necessary.

The test facility, meanwhile, will stay at the airport for just any travelers who desire to take a PCR test to unlock their Green Pass on the Al Hosn app and get entry to Abu Dhabi's communal locations and tourism sites.


Eligibility Criteria For Dubai Visa

To obtain a Dubai visa, you must first complete a thorough registration process. Additionally, each country has its unique set of regulations for acquiring a visa. The UAE requires eligibility requirements that should be met before providing a visa to almost any visitor.

Travel Record

Documentation Needed:

  • Finalized visa application form, together with individual's colored photos
  • Original passport effective for 6 months until the date of travel, with a colored photocopy.
  • Onward and come back with confirmed Emirates or Fly Dubai tickets in the original letter of invitation from the host organization in the UAE, if any.
  • Female applicants and learners over the age of eighteen travelings alone could require a letter of consent from their family members as well as a picture identity from their parents/husband.
  • Proof of the host passport/residence visa color.
  • Visa fees are payable in cash, check, or credit card.


Different Types of Dubai Visas

  • Visit Visa

A visit visa is required for anybody seeing someone else in the UAE, such as a friend or family. The GDRFA office provides this visa. Once the request is successful, a photocopy of the permit is mailed to the individual. The candidate must have the permit before leaving the place of origin.

  • Employment Visa

It is the work permit that the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization can issue. This visa is valid for two (2) months of issue. This visa permits foreign employees to work in the UAE and is required.

  • Tourist Visa

The tourist visa, as the title suggests, is for travellers who want to travel to any of the United Arab Emirates' nations as tourists. This visa is valid for thirty days, and there are fines if the visa bearer doesn't depart the nation within that time frame. This is one of the simplest visas to obtain and you can easily get it online at Dubai Visit Visa Online.

  • Residence Visa

After you have obtained a work visa, the very next stage is to get a resident visa. This visa allows you to get an Emirates ID and declares you a legal citizen of the UAE. The Emirates ID means bringing relatives into the nation.



I hope this article lets you discover an answer to your question. The emirate has something for everyone, with its beautiful islands and luxurious resorts, changing dunes, and calm oasis. Furthermore, Abu Dhabi, which is only an hour and a half drive from Dubai, was recently appointed the least risky city on earth by Numbers Safe City Index.

Dubai Visit Visa Online supplies Dubai Visa to all regions across the globe that have a high possibility of having their visas accepted. We have an expert staff that verifies all of your papers and requests so there are no risks of rejection before forwarding them to the Dubai Immigration authorities.

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