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Visa applicants, especially newbie travelers are always skeptical about if their visa will be approved or not. The skepticism is normal because of the uncertainty involved in the process of visa application. The applicant needs to be prudent while submitting an application as their visa can be rejected on several bases and this is what the plot of the discussion is.

In this article, we’ll look at if the process of obtaining a Dubai visa is straightforward and also discuss some mistakes to avoid that may lead to the rejection of your Dubai visa application.


Is the Process of Dubai Visa Application Straightforward?

Unlike the visa processes of countries like the US, the process of applying for a Dubai visit visa is pretty simple and straightforward. This is yet another prominent reason behind the magnanimous tourism in the country. However, straightforwardness should not be confused with simplicity. Although the process of applying for a Dubai visa is well-framed and all the formalities are listed clearly by the authorities, this process could be exhausting if you don’t take your steps right.

Applying for a visa under expert guidance is extremely important as it not only saves you from wastage or duplication of efforts but also enhances the odds of you getting a visa. Dubai Visit Visa Online is a top-notch Dubai visa consultancy company, working day and night to provide quality visa services to their clients. The company has served more than 500k happy clients and has earned these clients with its 100% visa approval rate and complete assurance on Dubai visit visas. You can get in touch with the experts 24x7 and get a solution to all your visa-related issues.

Is Dubai Visa On Arrival Process Straightforward?

Dubai offers a 30-days visa on arrival on arrival to many countries. But is this process straightforward? The answer to this question is 2-dimensional. Let’s look at each of these dimensions one by one.

If you look at the process of application, a visa on arrival is quite simple to apply for. All you need is to collect a VOA application form from Dubai’s airport, fill it out completely, pay the visa fee, and visit the country. However, there’s a darker side as well. You can identify the VOA counter at the airport through long, scary queues in front of it. On-arrival visas usually involve long waiting hours and force you to stand in a queue at every step, be it collecting your visa form, paying the visa fee, or getting US Dollars from the ATM. Moreover, the payment of the visa fees can only be done in cash and that too, in USD only, which is yet another major drawback of a visa on arrival.

Reasons for the Rejection of Your Dubai Visit Visa

Although the process of applying for a Dubai visa is straightforward, there could be many reasons that could lead to the rejection of your visa. Here is the list of these reasons.

1. Incomplete /improper visa application

A major reason behind the rejection of visa applications is not filling the visa form correctly. Here are some points to consider while filling out your application form.

  • Provide complete information
  • Don’t provide false information
  • Check your passport’s validity

2. Underaged traveler

If you’re a woman whose age is less than 25 years and are traveling alone, you might encounter strict rules and even, rejection of your visa.

3. Overstayed on your last visit to Dubai

If you’ve overstayed on your last visit to Dubai, your passport could be blacklisted and this may become a reason for rejection of your visa.

4. Unclear photograph

Your Dubai visa can be rejected if you’ve provided a passport-size photograph in which your face is not clearly visible or your documents are unclear.



The process of obtaining a Dubai visa is indeed straightforward, provided you’re cautious while applying and have the right guidance. Start your Dubai visa process today through our website and make it your dream country.

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