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guide to dubai dhow cruise

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Picture yourself going to Dubai and exploring one of the most famous monuments, colourful roads, sandy beaches with lovely landscapes. Think of all these sites as you cool down on a river cruise. The Dubai Dhow is a perfect choice for your imagination. Dhows are conventional wooden boats designed and built for navigation by local fishing communities. Nowadays, these shows have evolved from sailing boats to top-class cruises. So here we present you the Guide to "Dubai Dhow Cruise", which provides all the information about Dubai Dhow Cruise. So read and find out.

About Dubai Dhow Cruise 

A hypnotic cruise decorated with shiny lights that take you around Dubai's beauty. The cruise has two decks, one fully air-conditioned, designed to provide you with pure entertainment and live performance. The second deck is partially opened to allow the Arab Gulf to enjoy its refreshing breeze and smooth waters.

Entertainment & Food at Dubai Dhow Cruise

A dhow cruise offers one of the most flexible and customised online experiences, for a small group or a fully private experience, which can be arranged according to your preferences. There are a variety of entertainment options available, including DJ parties, live shows and dances. At first, belly dancing was a common fun choice and was gradually replaced by Tanura, a traditional Turkish dance usually performed by a dancer wearing graceful and sophisticated robes. International dinners as appetisers, entertainment and desserts accompany pleasant entertainment. Coffee, dates and snacks are available for you. A variety of cocktails and beverages can be enjoyed together with delicious desserts. One thing that will be remembered forever is the "kahwa," traditional Arabic coffee that is served on a cruise and the aroma.

Types of Dubai Dhow Cruises

Dubai has no natural waters, and it is difficult to believe. But nearly two decades ago in Dubai, the Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city, was built. In 2003, a 3-kilometre coastline opened the artificial marina. Dubai Creek is a natural bay that marks the starting point of many funny dhow cruises. While Dubai Creek and the marina are the top two touring locations, a few more are on the list!

Dhow Cruise Creek

The Dubai Creek is a waterway that is unique and is built between two famous buildings that gave birth to the beautiful Dhow Cruise. A cruise that enables you to experience Dubai's striking skyline at the highest level. Due to its complimentary pickup and drop services, live shows, and unlimited food access, this particular cruise attracts visitors. You should take this two-hour cruise on your list if you want to experience the heart of Dubai.

Dhow Cruise Marina

This cruise deals entirely with the traditional Bedouin living style when exploring the Dubai Marina canal. It visits a number of cultural aspects around the loving water body. The marina skyline is, however, the highlight of the cruise. Its beauty over the traditional songs and shows will surprise you.

Dhow Cruise – Dubai City Tour

If you are short on time, you can tour around the city's Dubai top attractions such as the spectacular Burj Khalifa and the peaceful Palm Islands in an interesting way. A 4-hour cruise with its finest structures and world-class institutions, showing you the great picture of Dubai. The city tour in Dubai will bring you more than happiness with its delicious cuisine. Don't worry if you are a vegetarian, and there are unlimited food options.

Musandam Dhow Cruise

The Musandam cruise from Dubai is a popular destination for visitors but is also sought after by local residents. A paradise where mountains meet the ocean, with beautiful views over the mighty Hajar mountains and picturesque landscapes. This area is located in Oman, in the vicinity of Dubai, separate from its mainland. Musandam is an unforgettable destination thanks to the charming beach villages, the old culture, lively local markets and towns, along with abundant sea life.

Dhow Cruise Highlights

During your tour of the city, depending on where you are headed, you would find some of the major structures in Dubai. There should be no missing view over the dazzling lights and vibrant colors. The Dhow Cruise includes some of the highlights:

  • Sheikh Saeed's House
  • Al Bastakiya District
  • National Bank of Dubai
  • Heritage Village
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Spice & Gold Souks

Best time for Visiting Dubai Dhow Cruise

Dhow cruises sail all day with sightseeing or luxury restaurants. Depending on your wishes and experience, choose a daily sail famous for its excursions or go on a cruise for dinner and onboard entertainment later in the evening. If you choose an early morning or afternoon cruise to see the architectural marvels, but make sure that you don't get on a deck on a sunny day.

Dubai can provide you with a number of exciting activities and attractions that can provide you with valuable experiences. The Dhow cruise is such a modern-day activity that you can enjoy watching them all along the pristine water. Therefore, gliding in the middle of the night skies or the sunsets is all your choice, but a vacation in Dubai without a Dhow experience would be incomplete. 

Final Words

So this was all in the Guide to Dubai Dhow Cruise. What are you waiting for? Book your Dubai Visa from Dubai Visit Visa and explore the nation.