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facts worth knowing about the dubai creek tower

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Dubai is hands down a fascinating location to visit. The entire ambiance of the place feels so right that it can make anyone feel so satisfied and excited at the same time. The moment you step onto the land of Dubai, you just know that this is it, this is where it all starts and that is going to be amazing. Dubai surely offers a great range of excitement for all the right reasons.

The land with the world’s prettiest skyline and the tallest building in the world, it has got a lot of modern architectural wonders to offer to anyone visiting. to Be added to the list of structures that visitors should not miss out on is The Creek Tower in Dubai. The tower is aimed to be built taller than the existing tallest building, i.e., Burj Khalifa. When completed, this would be the tallest standing building surpassing the height of Jeddah tower which was also planned to be built taller than Burj Khalifa but is now on hold.

Let us take a look at some of the interesting facts about the Dubai Creek Tower.

Interesting Facts About The Dubai Creek Tower

Dubai currently holds the world record of having the world’s tallest building, that is Burj Khalife. However, the Jeddah Tower project which was to be built in Saudi Arabia was a competition that would have taken the title of the tallest building and the record of Dubai away. But, in the World Expo 2020 that was held in Dubai, the Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad released the plan for The Creek Tower which was approved on February 6, 2016.

The Name

The Creek Tower has been called so because it is located at the Dubai Creek Harbour. Along with the Creek Tower, the structure was also named the Iconic Tower. The Iconic Tower is a name given to the structure that is also displayed on the foundation stone of the tower.

A similar thing happened in the case of Burj Khalifa, which before its opening was named Burj Dubai. The point here is that the name of the potentially tallest structure to exist in the history of mankind is very much subject to change until its opening.

The Design

The construction of the Dubai Creek Tower is taking place under the EMAAR Property Developers. The design has been developed by the Spanish-Swiss architect Santiago Calatrava Valls who is also the person behind the designs of famous structures like the Olympic Athletic Center of Athens and the World Trade Center Transportation Hub.

He says that the design has been inspired by the form of the desert lily which was also the basis of the base design of Burj Khalifa. Additionally, the cable arrays that are attached to the building to give it the support it needs to stand for over 1000m in height, it has a resemblance to the ribs of the lily leaves.

The Controversy

Even though the height of the Creek Tower is way more than any other building to exist in the world, there are some controversies happening as to whether it should actually be considered a building. The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) has raised an objection that a tower is considered a building if at least 50% of its height has habitable floors. However, in the case of the Creek Tower, only 30% of the building’s height is said to be habitable.

There are contradictions arising because the CTBUH criteria are not accepted by everyone. Hence, the media and the EMAAR property developers also would consider Creek Tower to be the tallest building. The building would majorly be used as a sight for the observation deck and sky garden. About 20 floors of the building would have amenities like hotels, restaurants, and residences.


These were some interesting facts you should know about the Creek Tower. There is surely a lot happening in the world and it is always fun to keep an eye out for the major happenings. To stay updated about the Dubai tours and travel, make sure to be in the loop with Dubai Visit Visa Online and get the latest updates.

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