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Goodbye Confusion! Checked And Carry-on Baggage Restrictions Finally Made Simple

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You must be familiar with airline carry-on regulations if you just decide to travel with a carry-on bag. Particularly, the numerous guidelines that each airline has regarding what you are allowed to "bring" to the plane. Don't automatically assume that because one airline's rules are effective that they will also be effective for all airlines.

This article provides the carry-on regulations for Dubai airport that you should be informed of if you want to fly there. It is very important to keep all of these regulations in mind so that you do not have to disrupt your luggage at the airport during luggage scanning and security checks. 

Dubai Visit Visa Online is a perfect place to attain all the necessary information regarding all the necessary travel-related topics for Dubai, this site gives detailed information on different aspects and advice that are to be followed while traveling to Dubai. This article, in particular, focuses on the importance to carry the right amount of luggage and only carry permissible things while traveling, keeping in mind the consequences that might follow if unallowed things are carried to Dubai airport. 


Carry-On Baggage Restrictions

There are a few baggage restrictions that are to be followed while traveling to Dubai, the airport securities are very staunch regarding what is permitted in the state anything that is objectionable and questionable to carry might cause a ruckus. Below are listed a few pointers to keep in mind in terms of carry-on luggage while traveling to Dubai.

Select the right carry bag

Airports in the United Arab Emirates require all luggage to get at least a single flat surface. Round and atypically shaped packages won't be taken during check-in. Similarly, a lengthy sling shouldn't be on your luggage. Any box or piece of oblong luggage that is securely sealed may be checked, as may a purse with a flat bottom. Your baggage will be refused at check-in if it doesn't have at minimum one flat surface, is large, or is curved erratically.

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Luggage for check-in

For foreign travel, a limit of 2 pieces of luggage with a combined weight of 32 kg is permitted, according to Dubai Airports. But this obviously changes depending on the airline and ticket type. Prior to taking off, always double-check with your airline. As it won't fit on the usual size luggage screening belt, luggage that is 90 cm in length, 75 meters tall, and 60 cm broad, or that doesn't have a single-level surface, must be signed in at the oversized luggage desk.

Carry-on liquid restrictions and pieces of advice

These days, beverages are prohibited everywhere, yet different countries may have different laws that are really being followed. All liquids must be placed inside a transparent, resealable plastic bag and transported in passenger hand luggage through UAE airports. The item can only be 100 ml or less, and the sum of all the products cannot be more than a liter.

Medicine, infant food, and particular dietary needs that are to be addressed while traveling are an exemption.


Money-related exemptions

Travelers must disclose whether they are carrying substantial sums of cash since the UAE closely monitors financial fraud and other questionable economic transactions.

"All incoming and outgoing travelers, who are 18 years of age or older, should report the money they have, whether it be in currency, checks, or valuable jewels, if it is worth far beyond Dh60,000" - Dubai Customs stated on August 29. Less-than-18-year-old travelers’ cash possessions will be transferred to their guardians' carry-on luggage, the authority stated.

Restrictions or regulations on gifts

The authorities made this clarification in August

"The excluded commodities are personal presents with a peak value of Dh3,000, cigarettes (limit 400 cigarettes), cigars (maximum 50 cigars), and tobacco (maximum 500 grams)." Trade tariffs apply to anything over these amounts. Gifts must be received for private reasons, not a business, in order to be free from import duties. This can be determined depending on the value as well as the amount of the commodities brought on.



According to the type of smuggling offense and the smuggled goods, the punishment for smuggling may include penalties or imprisonment ranging from one month to three years, or perhaps both penalties and jail sentences. It may also include the seizure of smuggled goods and instruments.

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