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steps to obtain the dubai freelance visa

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Dubai surely provides a plethora of opportunities to individuals from every sector. In a country that is consistently advancing in terms of luxury, availability, and whatnot, it would not be surprising to find out how many people from across the world are able to earn a relaxing livelihood. Similar is the case for freelancers. Dubai welcomes freelance workers from various domains and for the same, they have introduced a freelance work visa that allows self-employment practices in Dubai. Without a doubt, people have much better opportunities and payscale in Dubai as compared to a lot of other countries across the world. Hence, if you are a freelance worker and wish to find a way to the Dubai market by obtaining a visa, everything you need to know about it is here.

Freelance Permit Vs Freelance Visa in Dubai

While looking for freelance opportunities in Dubai, you would come across these two terms very often, freelance permit and freelance visa. It may sound like the terms could be used interchangeably but the fact is different. A freelance permit in Dubai is a license that would be issued to you by the TECOM group, which is a Dubai government-owned company that is responsible for the affairs related to technology, electronics, commerce, and media which is also the abbreviation of their name. This permit would allow you to work as an independent contractor in Dubai. If you have a spouse or family sponsoring your stay in Dubai, all you need is this permit to practice freelancing. It can be renewed every year.

A freelance visa on the other hand is issued to the ones who do not have a sponsor in Dubai and are there on their own. This visa along with allowing you to practice freelancing also acts as a residency permit. Hence, you would be able to stay and work in Dubai using this type of visa. A freelance visa is valid for three years and needs to be renewed in order to extend the permission after the said period.

How To Apply For a Dubai Freelance Visa

Here are the steps you should follow to apply for a freelance visa.

Step 1: Apply for Freelance Permit

You can find a popular freelance permit-providing website in UAE. Just go to the apply section and fill out the application form. Later upload the required documents as well. You would be required to send the following documents as a compulsion:

  • Your resume/CV.
  • Copy of passport valid for a minimum of 8 months.
  • Recent passport-sized photograph.
  • Bank reference letter.
  • NOC from your UAE sponsor (if any).

You would soon receive a follow-up on this application within 3-5 days approximately. Then you would be required to visit Dubai Media City, Dubai Knowledge Park, or Dubai Internet City to physically sign the documents and clear the payment. After which, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Apply for Freelance Visa

After the approval of your permit, you would also gain the access to the AXS where you need to apply for an establishment card for which you would be charged additionally, and also the freelance employment visa.

Step 3: Residency Permit

After the above process is done, you would receive an entry permit. After entering you need to first get a residency permit in order to stay there. With a residency visa permit acquired, you would be good to go. You can then conveniently practice freelancing in Dubai.


These were some important details you should have been aware of if you were aiming to practice as a freelancer in Dubai. In order to learn more about Dubai tourism and visa-related information, visit the website Dubai Visit Visa Online and read our blogs. You can also apply for a Dubai visa and get it approved conveniently through our visa portal.

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