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Dubai is a beautiful city, and it has a lot to offer its tourists. But, like any other place, the city also has its share of problems. If you feel that you have been wronged or treated unfairly by anyone in Dubai, then you can file a complaint against them with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

What basically is the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the UAE?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation in the federal government body is responsible for developing a highly-skilled workforce, promoting employment opportunities, and facilitating the entry of expatriate workers into the UAE. The ministry was constituted in 2016 by a decree issued by His Highness Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

The ministry has created an integrated national plan for human resource development, which includes:

  • A detailed plan that sets out the steps required to achieve Vision 2021 by training and preparing UAE nationals for future employment opportunities in line with global best practices.
  • A strategy to develop a skilled workforce that meets the needs of employers and promotes entrepreneurship among all Emiratis
  • A national training program is designed to provide practical skills training to help UAE nationals prepare themselves for jobs in various sectors.

Is it possible to transfer my visa to another employer?

There is no need to transfer your visa to another Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation employer because the Ministry issues only one type of employment visa. It is valid for up to two years and can be renewed if it is still valid (or within two months of expiry). If you wish to change jobs within a year from the date of your previous employment, you must fill out an online employment visa application.

What validations are necessary to transfer a visa to a new employer?

If you are a UAE national and you want to transfer your visa to another employer, you should first obtain a letter of consent from the current employer. The letter must state that they agree to the transfer.

The following documents are required for the transfer:

  • A photocopy of your passport or Emirates ID (with all visas stamped).
  • An original authorization letter from the present employer.
  • Both the employee and the new employer signed a new employment contract.

Can I have a work permit with more than one sponsor?

Yes. You can have a work permit for more than one sponsor, but the total number of sponsors cannot exceed two.

How to check if our firm is a sponsor?

Your employer must be registered with the Ministry of Manpower and authorized as a sponsor by MOHR. This implies your firm has completed the basic MOHR standards and has been given the approval to hire foreign employees.

How to file a formal complaint against my boss?

If you are an employee who is looking for a new job, there are certain steps that you need to take before you can start the process of leaving your current employer. First, you must notify your manager or HR representative of your choice with a resignation letter.

Once you have submitted your letter and received an acknowledgment from HR, it is best if you wait at least two weeks before signing up with any other company so that there is no confusion about your status.

If you have been working for less than two years and have not been given an official contract, then it will be difficult to file a complaint against your employer unless they refuse to pay out-of-pocket expenses or withhold your salary without giving a reason.

However, if you have worked for more than two years and were given an official contract on a Dubai visit visa then it is possible to file a complaint against your employer with the Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation.

What is the procedure followed by the Ministry after receiving a complaint?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has received a complaint from an employer about a worker who is being sponsored by the employer. After checking with the concerned departments, it was found that the sponsor was not fulfilling his obligations towards the worker.

The sponsor was given 21 days to rectify his fault and inform the ministry about his intention to renew his sponsorship contract with the worker. If no reply is received from him within this period, then the Ministry will take legal action against him by Article 17 of Federal Law No. 6 of 2012 on Combating Human Trafficking.

What kind of complaints does the Ministry receive?

The Ministry receives a lot of complaints. The most common complaints are related to getting a job, salary issues, and accommodation problems.

How often does the Ministry take to answer a complaint?

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is the government organization in charge of enforcing labor regulations in the United Arab Emirates. It aims to provide a conducive environment for the growth of the private sector, ensure that businesses operate by the law, protect workers' rights and promote human resources management. Any complaint will be resolved within 10 business days by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

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The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation is in charge of carrying out federal legislation concerning labor and human resources. As a result, it is dedicated to ensuring that the finest possible guidelines are in place for employees and employers in Dubai. The same is true for any local company owners or sponsors who hire. This government has procedures in place that allow people to register complaints against anyone who handles their company and violates UAE employment rules.

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