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Asia, which is primarily found in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres, is the biggest and most populous continent on Earth. It shares the continental landmasses of Eurasia and Afro-Eurasia with the continents of Africa and Europe, respectively. It is one of the most populated continents and has a wide variety of cultures spread across the continent. These different cultures have led to the evolution of diverse countries. These countries which are known to be diversified based on culture, heritage, and social backdrops are united by one common thing: sports. Among all the sports played in these countries of Asia cricket is the most prominent one. In the Asian subcontinent, the countries that majorly participate in cricket are India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Srilanka, and Hongkong. To get these countries to get together and bring out the joy of cricket to the cricketing fans the Asia cup is organized. These countries get together in this tournament and compete with each other with zeal and enthusiasm. This tournament is organized in the different nations of the Asian subcontinent which gives the spectators a good show of cricket. This article is a complete overview of the Asia cup, along with its origin and other details which will help the spectators and cricket enthusiasts to watch the Asia cup and enjoy it.  

The Origin Of The Asia Cup 

The Asia cup was established among the nations of Asia along with the Asian cricket council. According to the original format this tournament was supposedly held every two years and alternates between the ODI and T20 formats each year. The first Asia cup was held in 1984  in Sharjah where the Asian cricket council offices were present (until 1995). India was not part of the tournament in 1986 due to tense relations with Srilanka and again in 1991 due to a tiff with Pakistan. In the year 1993, the tournament was canceled due to similar strenuous conditions. The ACC announced that from 2009 the tournament will be held every two years.  Asia cup is the only continental championship held in the world 

As the Asian cricket council reduced in size in 2015 the ICC declared that the Asia cup being held every two years will be by the upcoming international tournaments. For instance, the event organized in 2016 was considered to be a warm-up for the upcoming twenty twenty world cup of that year. Amongst all the countries participating in the Asia cup, Sri Lanka has played the most number of Asia cup i.e. 14 as compared to 13 tournaments for India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. 

Impact Of Asia Cup On World Cricket

Asia cup is an important tournament that has a great impact on the economy of the nations involved and world cricket. It gives Asian countries a chance to compete against each other and prepare themselves for the bigger stage tournaments of the world. For instance this year the Asia cup has been organized in the T-20 format right before the T-20 world cup this gives the Asian teams a great platform to perform and assess themselves right before a big stage. This event contributes to the economy of the nations involved in this tournament, especially the nation where it is organized.  

Venue of Asia Cup 

Apart from being a great tourist spot in recent times, UAE has emerged as a safe and secure destination for organizing cricketing events. These pointers further can prove the point of the UAE being a suitable venue for the Asia Cup: 

  •  In terms of hosting cricket, the nation has proven its mettle on the international scene. 
  • Over a billion dollars are spent on cricketing expenses annually, and sports have an overall economic impact of more than a million in Dubai.  
  • Due to the backing of the government UAE has established itself as one of the top cricketing destinations in terms of organizing events.  
  • UAE has organized many events that could not be organized in other parts of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These tournaments included many sports apart from cricket like football, racing and basketball.   
  • Numerous major tournaments are scheduled to take place in the UAE shortly, which is like breathing new life into the country's tourism, economy, and sports sectors. 


How to Reach

The spectators that want to go to Dubai to watch the Asia cup can reach by flight which is the most convenient method. From the major cities in every Asian country as well as the rest of the world, there are several direct flights to Dubai. Cricket enthusiasts can reach Dubai in no time and enjoy the Asia cup tournament. 

Once reaching Dubai reaches the stadium there are several means.  The city and Dubai Airport are connected nicely and are only 5 kilometers apart. Although public transportation is fairly accessible, it is preferable to get a cab if you are travelling with young children or elderly individuals who tire easily because you will have to walk a short distance if you choose any of the other choices. There are options of Subterranean metro and buses available as well apart from taxis. 

You can always choose the hotel destination near the stadium if you are going exclusively for the game. This will let you go to the games on time and grab the best seat. Even if you are staying a bit further away then you can get to the stadium by bus, trams, taxis and Monorails.  

Squads in Asia Cup 

Six teams participated in the Asia cup. The teams are as follows: 


Afghanistan is considered to be a strong team for the Asia cup this year led by captain Mohammad Nabi and vice-captain Najibullah Zadran. They have a great combination of batting and bowling attacks and will be giving tough competition to the other teams.  


Even though Bangladesh has never won the Asia Cup, they have consistently been the favorites because they have also finished third three times. Shakib Al Hasan is the team's leader, and Afif Hossain serves as his assistant. Bangladesh will make every effort to win the championship after coming close three times this year. 


Hongkong had to play a qualifier match with Oman to qualify for the Asia cup. They succeeded and are now playing the top teams of the Asia cup. You never know they might be the underdogs led by their captain Nizakat Khan and vice-captain Kinchit Shah.  


With eight tournament victories, India is the most successful team in the Asia Cup. The team captained by Rohit Sharma and his deputy K L Rahula will strive to win this year to complete a hat-trick. Additionally, it has three times claimed the title of runners-up. 


With two titles, Pakistan is a powerful squad in the Asia Cup. Additionally, it has twice held the distinction of being the Asia Cup runner-up. Babar Azam is the captain, and Shadab Khan is the vice-captain. 

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is the second-most successful team in the Asia Cup, behind India, with five championships to their name. Due to its six times finishing in second place, the team is dangerous to the opposition. This year's squad captain is Dasun Shanaka, and the vice-captain is Charith Asalanka. 

Game Format 

The Asia cup is mainly held in two types of formats every alternate year one is twenty-twenty and another is one-day international. Last time in 2018 it was held as a one-day international and after four years it is being held as twenty international. The tournament was canceled due to the pandemic in 2021 and 2020 but this year is being organized with full zeal and participation from all the teams.  

Six teams participate in the tournament and are divided into two groups. Initially, inter-squad matches are held within the groups and then the top scorers the semi-final and finals are held. In all, a total of 13 matches are held including the finals.  

Asia cup is already halfway through and the upcoming cricket fixtures and schedules for Asia cup 2022 are listed below: 

  1. 1/09/2022: Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh (Group B) in Dubai 
  2. 2/09/2022: Pakistan vs Hong Kong (Group A) in Sharjah 
  3. 3/09/2022: B1 vs B2 (Super 4) in Sharjah 
  4. 4/09/2022: A1 vs A2 (Super 4) in Dubai 
  5. 6/09/2022: A1 vs B1 (Super 4) in Dubai 
  6. 7/09/2022: A2 vs B2 (Super 4) in Dubai 
  7. 8/09/2022: A1 vs B2 (Super 4) in Dubai 
  8. 9/09/2022: B1 vs A2 (Super 4) in Dubai 
  9. 11/09/2022:1st Super 4 vs 2nd Super 4 (Final) in Dubai  


Visa procedure 

Now, If you are a cricket fan I am sure that you wish to enjoy the matches live from the stadium and feel the rush of adrenaline in your veins. The current season of the Asia cup is being held in UAE and you need a visa for visiting UAE. Previously, getting the visa done was a long procedure and people used to wait in long queues for getting a visa. But not anymore. With Dubai Visit Visa Online, getting a visa is a lot easier and faster. Now with Dubai Visit Visa Online, you can get your visa delivered within 3-4 business days just by following a few steps: 

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Visa Fee

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Ticket Booking Guide

Asia Cup is considered to be one of the most popular sports events which are recognized globally. Hence many people come to spectate the matches from different parts of the world. So if you wish to be a spectator and witness the magic of cricket with your own eyes, you must book your tickets well in advance. 

Many platforms provide tickets for matches that are going to happen in the future. However, it is advisable to check different websites before buying tickets for the best prices. Book your tickets soon as they tend to go out of stock.  

Things to Carry  

Now that you are all set to cheer for your favorite team in the Asia cup, do carry these things to make your visit cozy and comfortable in UAE: 

  • The weather in Dubai can sometimes become very hot and humid. Sunscreens are a must-have thing to carry to the stadium.  
  • Keep a water bottle handy to save yourself from dehydration. Note that stadium authorities only allow non-branded transparent water bottles up to 500 ml so carry accordingly. 
  • You might consider carrying binoculars to look at the match closely. It will help you if you are sitting in a high position. 
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to take some t-shirts and flags to cheer up your country and lead them to victory.  

Alternative Ways To Watch

Now for any reason, if you failed to get a ticket or are not available to go to the venue to enjoy the match, you can also enjoy the fun of the match on your mobile or tv screens. Many sports channels and Ott platforms are covering the match and streaming it live. However, it is always recommended to watch the match in a stadium for the best experience.  


Asia cup is one of the biggest cricket tournaments ever hosted in the UAE. It will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to visit Dubai and watch the Asia cup match between your favorite countries. Hopefully, this article helped you get a total insight into the ongoing Asia cup 2022. In case you still have some doubts and wish to seek professional expertise regarding visa procedures, you can visit Dubai Visit Visa Online


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