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unique things you will only see in dubai

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Dubai attracts a lot of tourists every year. Even the ones who are not planning to visit the country or have never been to the place know how different Dubai is. The entire ambiance and the way things are carried out in Dubai are very different. The luxury and grandeur offered by the country are truly unmatched.

The skyline, the modern architecture, the luxury, the cars, everything about Dubai is so unique that it is worth exploring on your own. In random discussions about luxury, you would surely stumble upon the topic of discussing the wonders found in Dubai. So, let us take a glance at the things that truly make Dubai such a unique place.

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The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library

One of the examples of the wonderful modern architecture found in Dubai is this library. Living in a book house might sound metaphorical to some but this structure has totally proven that metaphor to be a real-life deal. The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Dubai is made into the shape of a book. Located by Dubai Creek, the design of this seven-storied architectural wonder is inspired by the shape of Rehl.

Luxury Police Supercars

When we talk about Dubai’s luxury, this is one thing that most people are aware of and talk about. The Dubai police the Guinness World Record for having the fastest cars. And the cars are not just well-maintained police cars but indeed high-tech luxury cars like Bugatti, Lamborghini etc. So when you are on the roads of Dubai, you would be able to spot a fleet of luxury cars patrolling in the city like no other country.

Modes Of Transportation

Having several modes of public transportation for traveling is a common thing everywhere. Who is not familiar with a taxi? What could possibly be more luxurious public transport than an UBER with a luxury car? Dubai has an interesting answer for it. How about an UBERcopter? Or a seaplane? Sounds dramatic? But that is a reality for Dubai. Dubai public transport offers all these mediums for public transportation. If that was not enough, it would also have the world’s first hyperloop capsule that is expected to launch people at a speed of approx 1,123 km/h from one place to another.

Get Anything, Anywhere… Quite Literally

Delivery services are a great advancement for the normal living of people nowadays. Through these people are able to avail the products they wish for at various locations. But what if you are in the middle of a sea cruise and you have this sudden craving for ice cream which is unavailable on the cruise? In some other countries, you might want to wait until the cruise is over. But in Dubai, you contact the Sailing Supermarket. Not just that, in Dubai you would be able to avail yourself of almost everything through a delivery service. Running low on petrol? Your neighborhood delivery boy would get it for you.

Museum Of The Future

You must have heard of museums that reserve some great works from the past to showcase them to people interesting in learning about history, the past. But they say that you should always look ahead. Dubai took it a little too seriously. The Museum Of The Future as per its name holds the ideas and innovations that would drive the development of the future. Inaugurated on February 22, 2022 (22/02/2022), this museum has virtual avatars, robot baristas and more that would give people a glimpse into the future.

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These were some of the many things that make Dubai so unique. I am sure just reading through the article would have made you have butterflies in your stomach. Only to say that there surely is way more to Dubai than what could be listed out in such a short article. Moreover, the experiences of a place are simply so exclusive to everyone. So what are you waiting for? Get your Dubai visa in simple steps at Dubai Visit Visa Online and plan your trip to Dubai now.

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