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Lost Chambers Aquarium Dubai Guide

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With its abundance of shopping centers, hotels, and other tourist attractions, Dubai is quickly becoming a significant destination for visitors worldwide. Children and their parents alike love the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The aquarium is Dubai's most extensive and one-of-a-kind entertainment and educational zone. It can be found in one of the city's most desirable buildings, Atlantis The Palm 
The location's name references the legendary submerged city of Atlantis. Over 65,000 marine animals call these waters home, and you'll learn their story along with that of this city. You can interact with sharks, piranhas, eels, lobsters, turtles, and seahorses in 20 different exhibits while exploring an underwater maze of tunnels and mazes.  
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Activities To Do At The Lost Chambers Aquarium  

Have a look at all the cool stuff you can do on this exciting avenue:  

Maximum Fun While Snorkelling  

The best way for a family to unite in Dubai is to snorkelinging and explore the underwater world together. In Dubai, at the Lost Chambers Aquarium, visitors may enjsnorkelinging in the stunning Ambassador Lagoon. Children (at least six years of age) and adults (no swimming experience required) may join in on the fun. After a quick briefing, we'll equip you with a snorkel, mask, and vest. As you float beside the vibrant marine life and get a good look at them, they begin to come to life. You may also add an Aquatrek, where you wear a special helmet that allows you to breathe underwater, to your visit to the Ambassador Lagoon. In other words, the experience is the pinnacle of thrills.  

Featuring "Fish Tales"  

This trip led entirely in English, is designed for the curiotravelerler. On this insightful and fascinating tour, you'll get up and personal with some of the nearly 65,000 species that call this underground aquarium home. You would also be shown through the facility's fish hospital and nursery, where sick and newborn fish are cared for. The trip takes place above ground in the Ambassador Lagoon, where the aquarium's most extensive display is located. Experience what it's like to be a marine life specialist at Lost Chambers Aquarium with a behind-the-scenes tour.  

Adventures at an Aquarium 

The aquarium provides scuba divers with various dives to choose from in the aquarium's pristine waters. If you are a licensed diver, you may embark on a single tank dive to see the ruins and breathe the same air as rare and magnificent underwater creatures. For those interested in learning how to dive but still need to be qualified, Atlantis offers programmme called Predator Dive. You'll gain an education in the fundamentals while also interacting with the sharks, butterflies, and numerous other animals that call Atlantis home. The Bravehearts may sign up for the Predator Dive and feed the fourteen species of sharks that call the Ambassador Lagoon home a handout. 

The Haunted Chamber Parties 

Many seasonal celebrations are held in Atlantis, The Palm. And one such event is quickly approaching: Halloween. In addition to trick-or-treating and watching night performances in the aquarium, guests at Atlantis's world-famous Halloween Party may participate in the Haunted Chambers and dress in costume.  

Shows at the Aqua Theatre  

Aqua theatre presentations in Dubai are great for families with young children interested in diving and marine life. The shows feature humorous divers who engage the audience and provide informative yet entertaining demonstrations and explanations of diving and marine life. After the lesson, there is a feeding display that will be a success with children of all ages.  

Hatha Yoga  

Do you want to take some time off and relax? If so, this opening may be perfect for you. Hatha Yoga sessions may be scheduled at Lost Chambers Aquarium, where they will be held in a one-of-a-kind environment amid the vibrant marine life of Ambassador Lagoon. You don't need to get out of bed; yoga mats and water will be supplied.  

Parties & other Exclusive Events  

There's nothing more exciting than throwing a party in a series of glass tubes surrounded by the aquatic life of our planet. Your guests will be amazed by the detail you put into creating this magical atmosphere. The aquarium is now available for booking business events, cocktail parties, and launches.  

Details about the Ticket price  

Prices for admission and the aquarium's aqua theatre presentation at The Lost Chambers Aquarium begin at INR 2500 per person. There is a base entry price, but you may add to your aquarium experience with additional programsmes and exhibits. At the cost of roughly 5700 INR ($80) per person, you can choose the Ultimate Snorkel experience.  
A cheaper alternative is getting a combination ticket for the aquarium and Atlantis's waterpark, Aquaventure, for roughly INR 10,500 per person. This allows you to spend the day exploring both attractions.  

Best Time to Visit  

You may visit The Lost Chambers Aquarium whenever you choose, as it is open every day of the year. The Lost Chambers Aquarium is open daily from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm. However, their operational times are subject to change according to their show schedule. The average time spent at The Lost Chambers Aquarium by visitors is between two and three hours. 

Location: The lost chambers are located at Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, UAE.  

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Ways to Reach    

At the Dubai International Airport's Terminals 1, 2, and 3, a welcome kiosk for Atlantis, The Palm, can be found. Atlantis, The Palm is home to the Lost Chambers Aquarium. Other people who are seeking to get here through public transit can use any of the two options below:  

  1. From Dubai International Airport to Dafza - 01 on foot takes around 68 minutes and cover5.4-kilometerometre a distance. Take the C26 from Wasl Park Terminus to Adcb Metro Bus — stop Landslide — 01, and then continue on foot. Head to the Jebel Ali Metro Station to get the M1 when you get here. Take the M1 to the Damac Metro Station and get out at the Al Marsa St. exit. The Palm Jumeirah Tram Station may be reached by taking a T1 tram from the Dubai Marina Tram Station. If you want to catch the Dubai Monorail from here, head toward the Atlantis Monorail Station. Your last stop is only one subway station away from here.  
  2. The second option is to walk from Dubai International Airport to Dafza 01. Moving toward Wasl Park Terminus is the right option if you're looking to catch a C26. Ride the C26 from Wasl Park Terminus and get off at Adcb Metro Bus Stop. Erosion and Landslide Number One. Take advantage of your stop in Dubai Internet City by catching the M1 from Jebel Ali. Proceed to Stop 01 on the Dubai Internet City Seaside Metro Line. Get out at Dubai Knowledge Village Conference Centre - 02 on the 88 or X28 and head toward Gateway Station on foot. Get aboard the Dubai Monorail at the Atlantis Monorail Station and off at the Palm Atlantis Monorail Station.    
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