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A Dubai visit visa is an important document if one wants to visit Dubai, and if Nepali citizens are looking for the same, then it’s the right place for them to pay a visit. Dubai is a beautiful place to visit, and if Nepali citizens are planning or have planned to go and visit Dubai, then they should surely know about the place and should be aware of everything regarding the place that they are visiting. All of us know that Dubai is a beautiful place to visit for everyone, and you would, of course, want to visit Dubai because of the charming beauty that this country holds. Dubai has also been home to Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building in the world and has been the most visited place in Dubai. Dubai has been a favorite place for tourists visiting Dubai, and it even continues to be the same every year.

And it’s just difficult to count the people visiting Dubai, but the tourist rate of Dubai is high and the beauty that Dubai holds, the nightlife, Dubai carries everything that you would ever wish to have your eyes on and it is just commendable and has all that fascinates people to visit Dubai this year. If Nepali citizens are having the same plans or have planned to visit Dubai, then it’s the perfect time for them to visit the place and explore it to the very top.

Dubai Visa 

When you’re visiting Dubai, you should first learn about the type of visa that you are applying for. If you're visiting Dubai for a short trip, especially for tourism purposes, then you should apply for a tourist visa and one can apply for a visa on arrival as well if running late and I you don’t have time for a prior application for a Dubai visit visa. The online application for a Dubai visit visa is the one that is easy and hassle-free, but every kind of visa application serves different kinds of benefits.

Of course, Nepali citizens need to apply for a Dubai visit visa since Nepal is not a visa-exempt country to Dubai. So, it becomes important for Nepali citizens to apply for a visa as soon as they plan to visit Dubai and to have the requirements and certain documents, which are stated below before you apply for a visa to Dubai.

  • Visa application form: The applicant must have all the personal and important details written beforehand so that he/she doesn’t run out of any kind of information before applying for the visa.
  • The passport of the applicant applying for a Dubai visit visa has to have a validity of at least six months from the date of arrival in Dubai and it must also contain at least two blank pages at the end.
  • One should also have at least two to three passport-sized photographs, and the passport-sized photographs should not be older than three months, and they need to be brightly visible.
  • One also needs to have healthy bank statements for at least six months.
  • One should also have a valid email ID for the visa confirmation mail, which is sent on your email ID only.
  • It is also needed to provide their health documents to get to a safer area.

Steps to apply for a Dubai visit visa

To apply for a Dubai visit visa, one needs to get through three steps only.

  • The first step is that one needs to fill out the visa application form.
  • Next is that you need to pay the fee, and the payment method requires a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.
  • The very last step is when you need to verify and check the status of your visa. After that, a visa confirmation mail will be sent to you from where you can download or print your visit visa to Dubai.

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It’s not hard for Nepali citizens to apply for a Dubai visit visa, but it just requires a few minutes of your time and requires the right information and the right documentation to apply for a Dubai visit visa. And before applying for a Dubai visit visa, one should search for everything about the same so that you don’t skip out on anything and can get yourself a visa through an easy and hassle-free process.

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