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Dubai Miracle Garden

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The world's most extensive garden is the Dubai Miracle Garden. The garden exhibits and blooms more than 50 million flowers, by far the greatest number of blooms of any flower garden in the world, and for this reason, the garden is regarded as the largest in the world. Given that it is commonly known that flower gardens and deserts do not coexist in any way, the Dubai Miracle Garden is appropriately known as the Miracle Garden since it is located at the very edge of the Dubai desert. The presence of the Dubai Miracle Garden, the most extensive garden in the world, is nonetheless feasible in Dubai, where nearly any fantasy is achievable.
Given the size of the Dubai Miracle Garden, viewing it in its entirety would take hours. A sizable 72,000 square meter area is occupied by the Dubai Miracle Garden (17 acres of Land). Its perimeter is constructed as a circle, and towering trees are heavily and obtrusively planted all around it.

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Top nine Features of the Dubai Miracle Garden

Airbus A380 from Emirates

At Dubai Miracle Garden nurseries, the plants and flowers utilized for the aircraft were sustainably collected and cultivated over more than four months. It looks fantastic with blossoms like petunias, marigolds, violas, geraniums, and snapdragons, among others. The construction of this wonder required roughly 200 staff workers and 180 days.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa's stunning flowery variant was constructed in 2014. This skyscraper has undergone several minor but apparent changes. Marigold and Petunia make up the entirety of the tower's base.

Umbrella Roof

This umbrella canopy at Miracle Garden Dubai is a beautiful addition and a visual treat. This canopy tunnel offers guests shade on hot, bright days. It was first made available on February 14th, 2013, and is still in this garden.

Heart-shaped Arch Passage

One of the first things that spring to mind for visitors is the heart-shaped arch pathway, the most prominent building in the Dubai Miracle Garden. You can sense their fragrance as you travel through the many flowers that make up this pathway. Additionally, it is the ideal backdrop for all romantic Valentine's Day images.

Flower-themed bungalows and homes

The colourful bungalows and homes in Dubai Miracle Garden add to the area's stunning vibe. These constructions, which are dispersed around the area, are made of millions of flowers. They genuinely, at first, give the sense of a fairyland. The houses and bungalows in the garden are all distinctive.

The Flower Train

This flowery train, which carries millions of flowers on its bogies, is a lovely addition to Dubai Miracle Garden. This train features bogies and an engine that gives it a realistic appearance.

Floral Peacock

This flowery peacock resembles a three-dimensional picture since it is covered in many flowers. The peacock building represents majesty and pride.

Flower Woman

The flower woman is one of the Dubai Miracle Garden's most recognizable features. In the garden, there are two flower girls, one wearing a hat and the other not. Thousands of flowers have been used to decorate these stunning women.

Half-Buried Cars

The visitors are often amazed by the partially submerged autos. Tourists may view these automobiles from all directions since they are arranged in a straight line. All of these partially buried automobiles are angled at an 80-degree angle, creating the impression that they are dipping into the dirt. The "hidden automobile" idea is an excellent illustration of how to make great use of leftover materials. Dubai Miracle Garden is one of those things that is hard to describe in words; you have to experience it.

Dining amidst the flowers

The enjoyment at our largest natural plant park doesn't end here. At Dubai Miracle Garden, you may fill your tummy with the tastiest food after finishing your sightseeing and photographing. For the visitors, this park is made more lovable and crazier by its food-serving area. The interior designs of cafes, restaurants, lounges, and dessert bars vary, yet all provide delicious food and cuisine. Italian food, French food, spicy food from India, American sandwiches, cool drinks, and various other foods are all acceptable. The park's eating area is brimming with exquisite flavors from around the globe.

Tickets for Dubai Miracle Garden

Online ticket sales for the Dubai Miracle Garden cost about 55 AED for people. Children's tickets will cost somewhat less. To avoid waiting in line at the door, buy your tickets online ahead of time. Additionally, schedule your arrival for right when they open at 9:00 am. Tours are also offered if you'd prefer a more in-depth experience. The Dubai Miracle Garden and the Dubai Butterfly Garden are visited as part of the Dubai Flora & Fauna trip.
You can enjoy the gardens without the crowd if you arrive by 9:00 am. Additionally, ideal for taking pictures is the early morning hours. You won't have to worry about someone blocking your shot, and you'll have more room.

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There are three methods to get to Dubai Miracle Garden from Dubai Airport:

  1. By Metro: You must first get to Airport Terminal 3 to use the metro. Redline is available from here every ten minutes. After boarding, exit at the First Gulf Bank Metro Station. Hire a cab directly to Dubai Miracle Garden from First Gulf Bank. You will arrive at First Gulf Bank in around 33 metres. It will take around 13 m to get from First Gulf Bank to your destination. The total cost per person would be between 600 and 700 INR. Alternatively, take the Redline to the Mall of Emirates metro station from Airport Terminal 3. Within 35 metres, you will be to the Mall of Emirates. Hire a cab to take you to the entrance of Dubai Miracle Garden once you have arrived at the Mall of the Emirates. You will travel between these two stations in around 13 minutes. You will typically pay between 550 and 750 Indian rupees.
  2. By Line 11 Skybus: A Line 11 SkyBus is available from Dubai International Airport. You may catch one of these buses every ten minutes, and it will drop you off at the Ramada Chelsea Hotel. You may book a cab to take you to Dubai Miracle Garden once you have arrived at Ramada Chelsea Hotel. You should expect to pay each person on your trip between 750 and 850 INR.
  3. By Cab: If you have luggage to carry or are traveling to a party larger than two individuals, it is always a good idea to use a direct taxi. You will pay between 1600 and 2000 INR for a one-way trip from Dubai International Airport to Dubai Miracle Garden.


Winter in Dubai lasts from November to March, making this the ideal time to explore Dubai Miracle Gardens. It would be best for you to arrive here when it first opens, which is at 10:00 am promptly. This is because there won't be as many people here, which will make it simpler for you to take some lovely pictures. If you wish to indulge yourself in the Dubai beauty realm, make sure you get your visa and transit requirements fulfiled. And for this, we at Dubai Visit Visa Online are here to assist you in a luxurious and relaxing stay in your dream city Dubai.

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