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guide to dubai garden glow

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Dubai Garden Glow, the biggest and most special theme park with its massive amount of inventions, decorations, music live, and attractions, activates human brain hormones that increase visitors of all ages' moods, enjoyment, emotions, and cognition.

The gleaming theme park in Zabeel Park, covering a vast 40-acre area, is a salute to the world's best brains' artistic and technical skills. The Dubai Garden Glow was opened in 2015, under the leadership of a private-public partnership. Every year in the summer, the park is closed and reopened in October. It has been running for four seasons so far; 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018. The park offers inventions and imagination to delight and astonishes tourists every year.

It contains four popular areas: Ice Park, Dinosaur Park, Art Park, and Glow Park. Attractions such as Flower Wally, The Colorful Planet, Glowing Safari, Happy Jungle, etc. Apart from those above, Ant Band, African Savanna, Bunny Heart, Panda Heaven, Candy Land, Ladybirds, Water Fairs, Talking Tree, and Giant Phoenix vase are also entertainment venues. Live gigs, gymnastics, water performances, and rides are holding holidaymakers' spirits alive and creating an unforgettable stay.

The Garden converts 10 million energy-efficient lights, tones of recycled light content, and the replica of animals and natural habitats from one art arena in the day to one glowing Garden at times.

The Garden explores global warming with fun and frolic using chemically degradable goods for facilities that reduce the carbon footprint and make it healthy for future generations. It tells children about their value and importance to the world. It brings children into diverse flora and fauna. The food of the streets, including hotdogs, burgers, and pizzas, and ice creams from the park's carts and stalls, gives a relaxed break and gratifies those who feel hungry and uncomfortable after a long stroll.

How to Reach the Beautiful Dubai Garden Glow

It is also possible to enter Al Jafiliya Metro Station on the Red Line from the Dubai International Airport (terminal 3). From Al Jafiliya, either by cab or by foot, you can enter entrance Gate 6 or 7 of Dubai Garden Glow. The 32C public transportation links Dubai Garden Glow and Airport. Visitors can book a private or public taxi directly from the international airport to Dubai Garden Glow.

Dubai Garden Glow Best Time to Explore

Every year in summer, the Dubai Garden Glow is closed. In October, the park will open again. Thus, the winter season, the perfect time to visit it is. Every year between October and May, tourists can visit Dubai Garden Glow. During this time, one needs to be there before dusk, at about 17:30, to see the transformation from a fantastic piece of art to a glowing garden in the evening.

What to Check Out Near Dubai Garden Glow

The best places to visit near Dubai Garden Glow are listed below:

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Brain Game Dubai:

The Brain Game is a pure, non-barred team game that tests participant confidence, observational skill, analytical abilities, mental acuity, and communication skills in selecting intelligent clues, finding solutions within 60 minutes, and avoiding impending threats. The Brain Game is located near the ABCD metro station. Centered on an impressive idea, Jail Crazy, The Museum, Around the World in just 60 minutes, and Orient Express are alternative entertainment and escape rooms.

Dubai Dolphinarium:

The five-four thousand sq. ft., indoor air-conditioned attraction, located in Dubai's Creek Park, includes dolphins, fur seals, and tropical parrots of 20 kinds. Striking Bird Show, Awesome Magic Show, and 5D/7D Video Experience, the dolphin & seal show, swimming with dolphins, leaves audiences excited and fun.

Laguna Water Park:

Laguna Waterpark is a paradise for action freaks, but just the eighth in the world for its 180-degree wave rig. The Waterpark on La Mer's beach consists of four main areas: Surf, Chill, Slide, and Splash.

Half a dozen rides, slides, sluices of the lazy river, and a bar in the endless pool are the guests' key attractions. Hunger is missing, and their vitality is renewed in the continuing restaurant and pub.

The Green Planet:

An artificial rainforest composed of over 3000 flora and fauna species. Biodome is divided into four layers, the canopy, Midstorey, Forest Floor, and Submerged Rainforest, constructed around a giant tree. Each level demonstrates the importance of the ecological equilibrium for every part of the rainforest and of the animal world in every aspect of it.

The design of a suitable natural ecosystem for animals in this world was carried out by a group of animal zoologists, aquarium specialists, and highly qualified engineering engineers. The biodiversity in nature is taught by the careful acquaintance and treatment of Sloths, Bats, frogs, spiders, motor rays, Archerfish, Tree Boa, Squirrel Monks, Amazon parrots, Sugar Gliders, Leafcutter Ants, etc.

Safa Park:

The 64-hectare sprawling park is one of Dubai's largest and most popular parks with myriad attractions and sports. The SafaPark is home to 3 lakes, 200 avian forms, 16,000 trees and shrubs, lush wading areas, and small shrubs contributing to the park's scenic beauty. There are several picnic spots, tennis, basketball, volleyball, and soccer courts, waterfalls, fountains, ship rides, videos, jogging, a bike path, and children's play areas that attract crowds. Many BBQ sites in the park quench hunger and thirst and satiate the senses.

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Dubai Garden Glow is indeed a real beauty that you must explore in Dubai. So start packing your back and book your trip to Dubai and explore its beauty. To get a visa to Dubai, you can approach the best online platform Dubai Visit Visa, and get your visa easily and quickly.

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