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Guide to shopping in Fujairah

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The "Jewel of Arabia," Fujairah, lies pretty with waterfalls, glittering sandy beaches, and vast oases. The boundaries of Fujairah have only been partially established because its territory is fragmented or interrupted by exclaves of neighbouring emirates. Travellers will be enthralled by this lovely emirate's perfect fusion of history, culture, ancient sites, mountain ranges, and coastline. It is the perfect location for anyone searching for an intriguing and laid-back vacation because of its scuba diving and snorkelling opportunities. Being a country close to the Arab nations, Fujairah is also the hub of some exotic destinations and grand shopping malls. It is full of vibrant culture, beautiful heritage, and great shopping destinations. This article will be a guide for first-time visitors to Fujairah that love shopping and will also outline the best season to visit Fujairah.   


Best time to visit Fujairah 

The best time to travel to Fujairah is from October to March when the temperature drops to about 25 degrees Celsius. Even though Fujairah typically experiences warm, pleasant weather virtually all year long. 

Shopping destinations 

Due to its charming residents, historical structures, and clear waters, Fujairah is quickly gaining popularity as a tourist destination. There are two types of shopping actions in Fujairah one being the traditional markets and the other being the contemporary shopping centre. If you are visiting Fujairah, you must not miss these shopping places: 

Central Souk 

The Central Souk, also known as the Blue Souk, in Sharjah was first opened in 1979 and is a well-liked destination for people to shop. The complex's more than 600 stores sell a wide range of products, including jewellery, rugs, collectables, perfumes, cosmetics, old-fashioned items, and even cameras. One of the top locations in the Emirates to purchase oriental carpets is frequently regarded as the Central Souk. 

Masafi Friday Market 

It is a little drive away from Dubai with a few rocky mountain views. Most of the products are available at the booth and the stores on both sides of the road these stores include local crafts, fruits, vegetables, food, and souvenir. There is some haggling for the majority of the products. At the service station, there are only restrooms. 

Fujairah Mall 

Fujairah Mall is well equipped with wifi, prayer rooms, a children’s play area, and a food court. The shops of this mall specialisation in clothing, jewellery, cosmetics, and electronics. You can gain access to the mall from a variety of residential areas, government buildings, the business sector, and the Fujairah international airport.  

The Safeer Market 

From a single retail location in Sharjah in 1985, it has expanded to become one of the major Gulf hypermarket chains with 35 locations and is continually expanding. They enjoy the patronage of clients from various nationalities thanks to their convenient locations across all the emirates, Fujairah, Qatar, and Oman. 

Lulu Mall 

In Fujairah, LuLu Mall provides everything you need, whether you're looking for the ideal place to meet up with friends or just want to indulge in some solitary shopping. Near the Fujairah International Airport, a two-story shopping centre with something for everyone is conveniently located. It has restaurants, a fitness centre, a beauty salon, an entertainment center, and more than 100 retail stores in its more than 5000 square meters of space. 

Fujairah City Centre 

The Fujairah City Centre is one of the biggest shopping areas in the entire world. Customers can purchase a wide range of products at City Centre Fujairah, including toys, furniture, books, sportswear, fashion accessories, and jewellery. At the stores of the hypermarkets Centrepoint and Carrefour, you can also buy groceries and household items. 

Century Mall 

One of Fujairah's well-known malls is Century Mall. The Body Shop, Smart Baby, Mothercare, Matalan, and other brands are among the many that customers at Century Mall may find all under one roof. 

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Things to carry 

The following is vital information regarding when to go, what to wear, and what to take if you're planning a trip to Fujairah. These essential things are necessary when you travel to Fujairah

  • Take a good amount of sunscreen with you when you are traveling to Fujairah. This will act as your sun protector throughout the trip. 
  • Make sure to pack a moisturiser and use it several times every day to protect yourself from the scorching, dry air of the desert. To stay cool and peaceful on warm summer days, you can also bring a handheld fan. 
  • Therefore, it's imperative to bring hiking footwear for the desert climate. Bring a small backpack as well to store additional comfortable clothing, water bottles, and other necessities. 
  • To avoid making frequent visits to the UAE for shopping, it is best to take extra socks and underwear.  
  • Remember that carrying toiletries will save you time and prevent you from having to go shopping for them in the UAE. These items include toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, dental floss, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, hairbrushes, sunscreens, and makeup. 
  • Bring a waterproof camera as well so you can document the UAE's rainy days and underwater moments.  
  • Dress in light hues to reflect the sun's rays. A sun umbrella is another option you have for heat protection. 


One of the most modern and upmarket shopping areas in Fujairah. The nation is a picture of tradition and culture with a hint of exotic shopping. Fujairah is a popular place for shopping because of its comfort and modern luxury mix. Hopefully, by now, you have everything you need to visit Fujairah for shopping purposes. Also if you haven’t applied for an e-visa to Fujairah yet, you should visit Dubai Visit Visa Online and apply for a new visa. Dubai Visit Visa Online provides 24X7 help support along with a visa approval rate of 100 percent. Why wait then? Visit Dubai Visit Visa Online and apply for an e-visa to Fujairah now! 

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