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sheik rashid bin saeed street

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Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed was the UAE's (United Arab Emirates') second Prime Minister and Vice President, as well as the monarch of the Emirate of Dubai. He was in charge of Dubai's redevelopment. He also contributed to the economic growth of Dubai and was a key driver behind several important infrastructure investments to establish Dubai as a regional trading hub:

  • Port Rashid
  • Dubai World Trade Centre
  • Drydocks in Dubai

Following the armed border dispute between the two emirates, he eventually became Dubai's ruler. This street is a very fascinating and attractive spot in Dubai and is also regarded as a hub for travelers to explore and travel as well as know the culture of Dubai more deeply. It is a must-visit street in Dubai and more information regarding the Dubai visas and destinations to visit are available on Dubai Visit Visa Online.

Places to visit on Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Street

 We may go to mosques along this street called 'Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,' which is placed close to the Al Wahada Mall and is easily available by public transportation. If people of Dubai choose to go by automobile, they may do so in about 25 minutes from the Corniche. Those who want to travel from Dubai may take a bus to the Abu Dhabi bus terminal, which is preceded by some other bus that will take them to the stunning monument. It is primarily located on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and it is accessible from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Saturday and 4;30pm to 10 pm on Friday. 

Features of Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Street

 Sheikh Rashid Bin Crossover, also known as the sixth crossing, was first mentioned in 2008 and is envisioned as a futuristic crossing in Dubai, UAE. Once it is finished, it will be the biggest arch bridge in the world. The bridge was planned by well-known architects, and it is genuinely made of lightning by lighting designers. The road and transportation authorities looked after it. This roadway will feature six lanes of traffic in each direction and will be capable of carrying at least 20,000 cars per hour.

Dubai Visit Visa 

If any nationals want to visit Dubai, they should obtain a Dubai visa. This visa is primarily intended for citizens traveling to Dubai for tourism purposes, such as a vacation or visiting relatives. The passport holders can also register for the Dubai visit visa online, and once the approval is granted, you will obtain a copy of the e-visa through email. If we register for a Dubai visa online, we will be following the simplest approach.

If you are registering for a Dubai visit visa online, you must be aware of the many sorts of visas available, such as if it is a 48-hour visa, a 30-day visa, a 90-day visa, and so on. The following papers are necessary for the Dubai e visa: the first and final page of the passport, a color passport-size picture with a white backdrop, and a verified flight back reservation.

  • Every person planning to visit UAE needs to submit the bio page of their already an existing passport which should also reflect the validity of the passport for at least 6 months.
  • The applicant also needs to submit a color passport-size photo of themselves, the photo needs to be clear and visible, and each applicant should have one passport-size picture. The agency would not accept black and white pictures.
  • Also, show proof of hotel booking details and if the applicant has a family or friend in UAE with whom he/she is planning to stay then they need to show the documents supporting that.
  • Flight bookings as proof should be submitted though it is not a requirement as the agency also pushes on the fact that the tickets should be booked after the visas are approved.


 Rashid bin Saeed Street is popularly named after the second prime minister and vice president of UAE who also played a major role in the transformation of Dubai into a magnificent place to visit. The whole buzz about this street is because of various beautiful and eye-catching things that are accessible on this street and the most famous and heart of all of these things is the beautiful 'Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque which is a tourist spot and also one of the most famous places in UAE. If one is willing to attain the Dubai Visit Visa Online then they can traverse around this magnificent country without any hassle for visas. 

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