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how to get dubai five year multiple entry visa

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Immigration and foreigners’ visit has a great contribution to the economy and entire functioning of Dubai. People from all around the world also acknowledge the wonders of the country and visit it often. To cater to the same, Dubai also keeps updating various of its policies to make it easier and easier for tourists to travel to the country with so many things to offer.

The country has introduced various policies catering to tourism and travel that are very exclusive to Dubai only. One similar policy is the five-year multiple-entry visa policy. It is a unique visa facility that would allow travelers to have Dubai multiple-entry permits for up to a period of five years. That means, once acquired this visa, a traveller can make multiple entries to Dubai over a period of five years without requiring to apply for a new visa.

When tourism has such a role to play, it becomes pretty obvious if the country introduces policies to encourage the visitors to visit and stay in the country for a longer period of time with ease. Let us take a close look at the Dubai five-year multiple entry visa policy and understand in what ways it would benefit the travellers.

What Is The Five-Year Visit Visa For Dubai?

As the name suggests, this five-year multi-entry visit visa would allow travelers to pay multiple visits over a period of five years without requiring a new visa from them. The travellers who have got a reason to visit Dubai often could be because of a close one living in the country or they simply love to spend time in Dubai, would be able to benefit a lot from this visa scheme.

To apply for the Dubai five-year visa, you would be required to visit the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Customs and Port Security. There in the ‘Services’ section on the navigation bar, select ‘Public Services’. From there you need to select your visa type and then ‘Start Services’. Fill in your details and upload the relevant details. That would be it for the application process for the five years multiple-entry Dubai visa

How Long Can I Stay In The Country For Using A Five-Year Visit Visa?

The five-year multiple entry visit visa surely allows you to enter and exit the country as many times you wish throughout a period of five years, however, there surely is a limit to how long you would be able to stay in the country at one stretch.

At once, a traveller would be allowed to stay for a period of 90 days and later that would be able to be stretched for another 90 days. And that is the maximum limit for a person to be able to stay in Dubai with a five-year multiple entry visit visa in Dubai. At one stretch a traveller is only able to stay for the duration of 6 months inside Dubai. However, they are able to enter and exit again multiple times over the period of five years in the country.

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