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Are you from Pakistan and are planning to travel to Dubai? One can visit Dubai for various purposes such as to explore the country, for business activities, and many other such purposes. The process of applying for a Dubai visit visa is simple and easy once you know the exact process of applying for it. Read this article to get the exact steps of applying for a Dubai visit visa from Pakistan

Do Pakistanis Require a Dubai Visa?

Yes, travelers holding a Pakistani passport require a visa to travel to Dubai and explore the nation. One can get a visa according to their motive of visiting the nation. If they are going to Dubai for exploring the nation, then they require a tourist visa. If they are going to attend business meetings or conferences, then they need a business visa. 

Basic Requirments to Travel to Dubai

All tourists must have a passport that is effective for at least six months after their arrival date. If your passport is less than six months old, you must renew it before applying for a visa and traveling to the UAE.

To extend your visa, you should leave the UAE and then visit again on a new visa if the conditions are met. If you overstay your visa and do not renew it, you may risk legal procedures and a fine. Furthermore, applying for a UAE visa in the future may be impossible.

While within the UAE, this visa cannot be converted to a work visa.

Documents Required For Dubai Visa For Pakistanis

Before submitting the online application, please ensure that you have all you require for an efficient application procedure. And here's what you need to provide:

  • Passport: All candidates must have a passport that is active for at least additional 6 months after their scheduled arrival date in Dubai. Otherwise, your application may be declined.
  • A scan of your passport:  Only the scan of the passport's details page is required. 
  • Your photograph: The visa application will require a photo of you to finish your application. Verify that it was shot within the previous 6 months and that it fits the photo standards.
  • Scanned copy of Emirates ticket
  • Hotel reservation information (If you are living with a family member, relative, or acquaintance, you can give his/her Emirates ID).
  • National ID card: Some countries might be required to submit additional documents. People with Pakistani passports are required to submit their national ID cards. 

Process of Applying For a Dubai Visa For Pakistanis

  • To register for a Dubai Visit Visa from Pakistan, go to the Dubai Visit Visa Online website and create a new visa application with "Pakistan" as your residing and citizenship nation.
  • Choose whether you need a visa for two weeks, one month, or three months (single-entry or multiple-entry).
  • Submit the Dubai E-visa Pakistan application form and attach the required papers.
  • Then, pay the visa money with the options of PayPal, Debit card/Credit card. 
  • After which you will receive permission when your visa is approved, and then you can depart for Dubai.

Applying For a Dubai Visit Visa Through Sponsor

  • One way to explore Dubai is with a sponsored visa, which may be obtained through an individual or a tour operator who is accountable for the hotel/accommodation or the preparations for your trip. It could be a firm or a resident of the UAE. There are Dubai visit visa agencies in Pakistan that may assist you with your visa application.
  • Since the sponsor is aware of the person's travel plans, they can sponsor a visit visa from Pakistan to Dubai for any duration, whether it is 30 days or 90 days.
  • A 14-day visa is more prone to be approved if the visa is supported by a hotel or company than by a single individual.
  • After a sponsor has been identified, the candidate needs to give their passport details as well as flight details to them.
  • After the Sponsor has obtained the visa, the candidate will be required to provide a copy of their passport and two-color pictures.
  • After the visitor visa has been acquired, the sponsor will email the proof.
  • The candidate should have a copy of the passport provided to them by the sponsor since they must exhibit it at the airport upon arrival. The candidate obtains the original visa at the airport if the application includes a copy of it.


After reading this article, one must know the process of applying for a Dubai visit visa from Pakistan. Applying for a visa is simple if you know the exact process. So after applying for the visa, you just have to wait for 3-4 days for the visa to be processed. After which you will receive your approved visa, and then you have to pack your bags and explore Dubai