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Dubai is a place that finds its place on every traveler's list. For any Philippine citizen looking to travel to this beautiful city in the UAE, travel has been made easier by the access of an E-visa. International tourists from over 140 countries can apply for an online visa.

Philippines nationals can apply for this visa, which allows them to enter the UAE for a limited time. The electronic visa for the UAE makes the process of acquiring permission to visit the country much easier. Filipinos may fill out an online application form and obtain an e-Visa without having to make an appointment at an embassy or consular office.

How to apply for the E-visa for UAE?

To apply for the E-visa for UAE, Filipinos must simply fill out the simple online form that consists of standard questions such as Name, nationality, the purpose of visit, and the Emirate they wish to visit. You can apply for the visa at Dubai visit visa online. Visitors from the Philippines who are planning a family vacation in the UAE can submit a combined e-Visa petition with their dependents. They can add their spouse, children, or any other family member over the age of 60 to this petition. To account for their request, they will have to provide supporting papers such as family or birth certificates.

When filling out the e-Visa form, you must be cautious. They should double-check their responses since any inconsistencies or missing information might prevent their e-Visa application from being approved.

What visa is a better option: E-visa or consular visa?

In this day and age, no one has the time to earmark a whole day to visit the Embassy, file the visa application, and then give a personal interview to get approved for the visa. So it is ideal to apply for the E-visa instead. It takes less time, is hassle-free, and gets processed more quickly than a consular visa. 

You can apply for the visa at Dubai visit visa online. The site is safe and will guide you through all steps of the application thoroughly. Using the e-Visa to go to the UAE from the Philippines. Filipino travelers have 60 days to enter the UAE after getting confirmation of their granted electronic visa. If they do not utilize their granted e-Visa within one month, it will expire and they will need to apply for a new one.

Tourists from the Philippines should fly to the same airport and Emirate that they specified in their e-Visa petition. To save time, they can go straight to the e-Visa tourist lines assigned for their citizenship once they arrive at the entry gates.

Can a Filipino get a visa on arrival?

Only people who have a valid US visa or green card are eligible for a visa on arrival in the UAE. So, if you are a Filipino citizen with a Philippines visa unfortunately can not avail of a visa on arrival in UAE.

How to apply for an extension for a tourist visa in the UAE?

All types of visit and traveler visas can be recharged for an additional 30 days whenever they have been applied for and supported by the appropriate power. This can be achieved without leaving the country. Overstayers who do not renew their visas will be fined for each day they are overstaying, starting 10 days after the visa expires.

What are the different types of visas available for the UAE?

There are 7 different kinds of visas you can get while traveling to the UAE:

  • 14 days single entry visa
  • 30 days single entry visa
  • 30 days multiple entry visa
  • 90 days single entry visa
  • 90 days multiple entry visa
  • 48 hours single entry visa
  • 96 hours single entry visa

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Dubai has something astounding available for you, whether you're going with family or companions. Traveling to Dubai has been made significantly easier by Dubai visit visa online, a few simple steps and you’ll be ready to go. Whether traveling for tourism, business, or visiting family, getting an e-visa before your travels is the best choice for you. 

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