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all about the dubai investment visa

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Now that you have planned to work in Dubai, of course, you would want to know about the place where you are going to invest and going to work in. Well, if we go on the beauty of Dubai, that’s just completely unmatched and something which is eye-pleasing to the next level. Also, the beautiful city, Dubai is keeping up with the economic growth and is even among the countries which are amazingly growing to the next level. And here if you want to know about the investment then yes, Dubai is an investor-friendly global hub and is known by everyone around the world.

Also, UAE possesses a business-minded culture and is something which is highly craved by the business professionals and the investors working in Dubai and also the ones who are planning to be working in Dubai. Overall, Dubai is the best for investment purposes, and the ones who are in the field of investing must go for investment in Dubai in whatever way they like, whether it be real estate or stocks, or anything of your interest.

Dubai investment visa

Dubai investment visa is an important visa pass for the ones thinking to invest in Dubai. It mainly helps the business professionals and is kind of a visa that is applied for at a higher rate by the people longing for their business or investment in Dubai. Dubai investment visas are mainly for the foreign nationals who are planning to start their own business or are wanting to invest in some existing business in Dubai.

And once you have applied for a Dubai investment visa, it gives you a legal right to reside and work and invest in the country, UAE. Having applied for a Dubai investment visa benefits the working professionals a lot and helps them to work in Dubai with ease and also gives them the right to stay, work or leave Dubai whenever they wish to.

Documents required for an investment visa in Dubai

  • A visa application form regarding the Dubai investment visa, and you must obtain it from the authentic typing center or can also go online and for the same.
  • A valid Passport of the application must be valid for 6 months from your date of arrival of yours in Dubai.
  • A clear passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • MOA( Memorandum of association) is also needed.
  • The bank statement of the applicant will also do, and must remember that you have healthy bank statements for the past 6months.
  • A valid trading license of the company is also to be provided.
  • A copy of the partnership contract is also among the ones the applicant has to provide.

Lastly, it’s important for everyone applying for a Dubai investment visa to have all the requirements and the documents stated above because it’s next to impossible to apply for an investment visa without possessing these important details and documents. Also, one should apply with accuracy if one doesn’t want to get their visa canceled.

Steps in applying for a Dubai investment visa

To apply for a correct investment visa, one needs to get through every single step to get the visa on time, or else you will face complications further if you don’t apply for the visa properly. The steps are stated below:

One needs to first get to an authentic typing center if applying in person. Or can apply online is wants to apply for a Dubai investment visa with a hassle-free process, and here, you must fill in your citizenship country and then may proceed with filling up your proper information and providing your correct documentations. Next is to pay the visa fee through valid payment methods. Last is when you will receive your visa via mail or will get it printed on your passport.


Now that you have planned for a Dubai investment visa, you have also got to make yourself ready for certain things related to the same. And for that purpose, you need to have certain documentation and all the important details in check. And while you apply for it, make sure you do it with all the accuracy and patience. Applying for an investment visa, of course, takes several minutes only but it needs all your attention and a pre-planning to get the same. And once you get your visa done, you are good to go and invest in Dubai.

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