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dubai family visa for a canadians

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Dubai Family Visa for a Canada passport Holder is a concept where a Canadian citizen who is living in Dubai where that individual can bring a dependent with them to stay and be with them. Though the policy of family visa is not a simple one some numerous steps and documents are to be submitted before a dependent is allowed to enter the nation. There are a few pre-requirements as well which are very important to be fulfilled. The idea of a family visa was started to support and bring the family or the dependent together. 

Dubai Visit Visa Online is a platform that enables its clients through a smooth tourist visa process. And can guide one in attaining the Dubai visa with utmost ease and precision from the comfort of the applicant’s home while the visa is sent through the mail. For a family visa one have to visit Dubai Embassy. 

Requirements to sponsor a family member to UAE for Canadians: 

To support members of the family in the UAE, one should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Male ex-pats should have a monthly income of AED 4,000 or AED 3,000 with accommodation.
  • Female ex-pats should have a monthly income of AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 including housing.
  • Moreover, every member of the family above the age of 18 must undergo a medical fitness exam at a state-approved health center in the UAE. They will get HIV and tuberculosis testing.
  • Because the UAE doesn't recognize same-sex weddings, you will be unable to support your partner when you're in a same-sex marriage.

Individuals Who are allowed to Support

It is simpler for a man to support his members of the family to come to the UAE than for a woman. When you're a male on a Residency Permit in the UAE, one can bring various members of the family on a Family Visa:

  1. Your spouse - When you're a Muslim person, then you may support two spouses, but you should fulfill specific GDRFA requirements.
  2. Your sons - One can only support their boys when they're under the age of 18. If your kids are past the age of 18, you can still support them as long as they are studying and under the age of 21. Furthermore, if the boys are over the age of 18, they should visit the UAE at least once every six months while living overseas, or their UAE visa would be revoked.
  3. Your daughter - One could only support their daughters if they are not wedded.
  4. Your mother and father-  One could also support their parents if they match the following requirements: Unless one of your parents has died, you support each one of them. As a security, you put down a deposit one per parent. You purchase health coverage for your parents. You earn AED 20,000 or AED 19,000 per month and live in a two-bedroom apartment.
  5. Your stepchildren - You may even support your stepkids provided the birth parent provides you with a signed No Objection Certificate. The child visa is eligible for one year and is extendable.

Can a Women Sponsor her Family?

Sure, she could, although the requirements for a woman to support her family in the UAE are more stringent than for a man:

  • Her spouse and children are family members which she may sponsor.
  • She must have a monthly income of at least AED 10,000 or AED 8,000 plus accommodation.
  • She should operate as an engineer, educator, or in a medical-related field (doctor, nurse, etc).
  • In some situations (and therefore only with DRND permission), if the woman earns a significant monthly pay, she may be eligible for support even if she is not working in one of the categories.
  • She is not permitted to support the children directly if she has a partner who can do so. 

Documents necessary for the Family Visa: 

  • Visa Registration Form for the UAE can be filled online or through an office.
  • Passport documents of the supported members of a family.
  • Passport-size Photos of the supported members of a family.
  • Each family member above the age of 18 needs a health certificate issued.
  • Proof of the sponsor's job or business contract.
  • Evidence of the sponsor's monthly wage.
  • The official marriage certificate.
  • Evidence of residence, such as a recorded rental agreement.
  • The most recent electricity bill.


Because Dubai is a component of the UAE, and if you're an ex-pat residing in Dubai and wish to bring your relatives with you then, you should fulfill the very same sponsorship conditions as outlined above. One can apply for a Dubai Family Visa for your relatives at the GDRFA office based in Dubai. You may also apply via Dubai Visit Visa Online, a website where everyone can easily apply and get access to their tourist visa through the online procedure from the comfort of one home. 

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