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cayan towers in dubai

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When it comes to Tourist Attractions, Dubai really has it all. The tourists have so many choices to opt from when they think about the sightseeing spots in the city, that they might as well be considered spoiled for choice. Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Cayan Towers, Dubai Aquarium, Atlantis Hotel, there’s so many beautiful buildings in Dubai, that it gets hard to even enumerate them.

Cayan Towers In Dubai

Dubai really has some of the tallest buildings in the world, each with its own unique edge that makes it distinct from the others. From the Burj Khalifa to the Cayan Towers, there's many super-tall pieces of architecture in the city. In fact, the Cayan Towers are a 75-story residential housing skyscraper constructed near the Dubai Marina and are complete with an intriguing twist. The height of this tower is 306 meters (about 1,004 feet), and the floor site area is 110,000 square meters). This tower was designed by the architectural group by Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill SOM (the same company which also created the concept design of the Trump Towers in Chicago, and of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai).

What Makes The Cayan Towers In Dubai One of a Kind?

Displaying exceptional architectural know-how and skilled workmanship, this building, which was known as the Infinity Towers before their inauguration on June 10th, 2013, it boasted of being the tallest in the world to feature a full 90° twist or spiral (it was superseded in February 2015, by the Shanghai Towers, making it a definite must-see on your itinerary while you're staying in Dubai. The helical design of the building was realised by the Cayan Real Estate Investment and Development. With a total of 495 apartments (which are meant for luxury, by the way), the Cayan Towers were very carefully designed, to rotate specifically 1.2 degrees at each turn, in comparison to the previous floors, to form what is a truly unique architectural marvel, which has popularly been dubbed as the "Dubai Marina Skyscraper with a Unique Twist". 

The Construction of Cayan Towers In Dubai:

The apartments have been designed with wooden floors that are reconstituted, and are complete with counter tops made of Chinese synthetic marble, and kitchen fixtures. The rooms are so created to remain unaffected by direct sunlight, making use of metal panels which are titanium-colored, on cast-in-place concrete columns which are aided by repetitive staggered screen panels, which prevent the incoming sunlight from disturbing the occupants. The building lacks balconies, which provide a feeling akin to an enclosure, and provides passive heating from the sun. Cayan Towers very systematically, with repeating floor plans and regular components (which are what streamlined the process of the sale of the project). This exemplified a truly rational line of thought. On the other hand, the skyscraper, which in itself is a free-standing sculpture of sorts, which is visible from across the Dubai Marina. The rotation of the floor is made possible around a cylindrical elevator and a service core. The best time to admire the true beauty of this building is at night, since that is when the lights come alive, and the view from across the Marina or while aboard a cruise, is breathtaking. The rooms too, provide an excellent view of the Marina, all the way to the gulf.

It was originally designed as a 75-floor building, and currently is home to 73 above-ground, and 7-below ground floors, with a five-level underground parking, spacious enough for more than 600 vehicles, and also contains eight elevators and a big swimming pool. Bookings can be made for staying at the Cayan Towers, to allow the tourists to thoroughly enjoy the great architecture of the building, and the amazing view from it.

Flooding of the Site of Cayan Towers In Dubai:

During the construction phase of the Cayan Towers, the development project was halted for a year and a half, post the flooding of the construction site of the tower, which followed the breach of the wall holding back the Dubai Marina, back in 2017 on February 7th. As elaborated by witnesses, there was a rapid inflow of sand and water into the site, which was followed a very loud cracking sound that cut through the site. 


Dubai is full of great pieces of architecture, which incorporate together and create a blend of, the genius of rational development and the beauty of the artistic eye. Testaments to this line of construction are the Burj Khalifa and the Atlantis Hotel. Among these is also present the Cayan Towers In Dubai, which are residential skyscrapers whose height equals around 306-307 meters. The most prominent feature of this building is the full 90-degree turn from floor to top, which has been achieved by designing the floors to rotate exactly 1.2 degrees with respect to the previous floor. The tower is home to a total of 495 luxury apartments and has become a must-see for tourists.

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