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best things to eat in dubai

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Dubai cuisine has many flavours of Lebanese, Iranian and Indian cuisine, both vegetarian and meat-based. Dubai's dishes, packed full of spices, are both balanced and tasty.

Popular dishes such as hummus and falafel are common worldwide, but we have collected some traditional local dishes, perhaps less famous to the majority of travellers. So read about Best Things to Eat in Dubai.

Top 8 Best Things to Eat in Dubai


Harees is one of Dubai's most renowned dishes. It is also found at many dining tables of the Emirates and on menus of some of the finest restaurants in Dubai. It needs a lot of time and skills to train for it and is thus usually introduced at special events, weddings, and banquets.

Harees contains crushed wheat, hair (sometimes chicken), onions, ground cumin, plenty of water, and salt. The ingredients for this form of food. Emirati harees are one of the most famous traditional dishes in the world. It is a significant part of the cuisine of the region and recettes are transmitted through the years.


Many visitors to Dubai like majboos because it's really popular with Emirates. Recipes from one generation to another are passed down to families.

The meal consists of basmati rice eaten with different meat types. Chicken, signature aromas of strong Arabic spices, and a variety of different vegetables, are often eaten with Emirati majboos. Chicken or meat majboos are eaten in all manner of family gatherings and are also well-known at Ramadan Iftar dinners.


Madrouba, which also has its fans in Bahrain and Oman, is one of the most popular foods in Dubai. The most known variation is Madrouba with chicken, but it is also eaten with fish, lamb and pellets. It's made of rice, garlic, ointment, tomatoes and yoghurt. Butter in moderation is also used.

The dish is called "madrouba" since the ingredients are smoothed together to create a smooth mash, at the last step of the recipe. This platter is right for anyone because it is easy to digest.


Emirati meat thareed is characteristic of Gulf cooking in general and is typical of Dubai in particular. It is made from chunks of brown and vegetable in a broth of beef. Special occasions are offered, and the dish is high in protein and vitamins.

Thareed is made from meat and includes wheat bread and vegetables in the broth. It is a great energy-supplying food that has many reputed health benefits, particularly because of its large amount of vegetable protein.

Meat Biryani

Biryani is a dish in the Gulf – and there is no difference to Dubai. Originating from Indian food, this dish first spread into East Asia and then into the Arab world where thanks to its tasty savoury taste, it became very popular. It is made from Indian spices famous for their intense aromas and tastes.

Biryani are numerous, including Iranian, Katchi, Sri Lankan and South-East Asian. Biryani Meat can be eaten with chicken or other kinds of meat made from a combination of basmati rice and spices.

Chicken saloona

Notwithstanding the influx of Western cuisine in the Emirates, saloona has maintained its place in the hearts of the people of the United Arab Emirates. If you are in Dubai, then make sure you discover this Emirati stew which is renowned for its easy preparation, its wonderful taste and its excellent flavour.

It's made from chicken, turmeric, olive oil, raspberry, hairy garlic, cabbage, chillies, spices, and white rice. It is a dish rich in vitamins and protein and has a special place in the hearts of both locals and tourists on nearly every special event or feast in the Emirates.


Oozie is one of Gulf's most popular meals. It is especially common on special occasions such as weddings and festivities. Oozie with food is also available at the Emirati dinner table in Ramadan, as friends and family assemble for breakfast.

Made from rice, this dish can be bagged in delicate pastry pockets or eaten with chicken. Often it is also eaten with a combination of fried or roasted nuts or yoghurt.


Jasheed is one of the Gulf region's most common dishes. Not surprisingly, the food of Emirati, especially in the coastal regions, features fresh fish in many foods, and has a particularly important position in fish.

It is made out of little sharks or other fish, if not available, and is eaten with rice. The white 'aysh (rice) is served, and butter is clarified. The fish is wrapped in water and spiced for about 30 minutes before the skin is cut down. It is then washed and put into another bowl with a mixture of spices of bazaar, cinnamon, ginger, lemon, cardamom, onion and garlic ground. The next step is to fine-tune the pepper, cut and blend it for approximately 15 minutes with a spice mixture. Then the blend is baked, wrapped and ready to be eaten.

So these were some of the Best Things to Eat in Dubai. So whenever you visit Dubai, you must try out these marvellous foods. You will require a Dubai Visa to explore the nation's beauty, which you get from Dubai Visit Visa Online following a straightforward application process and a low Dubai Visa fee.

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