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creative visa scheme of abu dhabi

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Introduction: What is Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme?

In an effort to promote and develop the arts and culture sector in Abu Dhabi, The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (ATCA) has announced a new Creative Visa Scheme. The scheme will provide residency visas for eligible individuals who are engaged in creative or artistic activities in the emirate. It is open to artists, professionals working in the film, music, publishing, advertising and fashion industries, as well as academics and researchers.

Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme

Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme is an initiative by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority (ATCA) to provide a temporary visa for foreigners who have creativity as their main profession. The scheme allows foreigners to stay in the UAE for a period of up to two years with the possibility of renewing the visa for an additional two years.

The main requirements for eligibility for the Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme are that applicants must have a professional designation or title that indicates their creativity as their main profession and they must be professionally engaged in creative work in the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme is an innovative visa scheme that offers a range of benefits to talented individuals from different countries. It offers a visa that allows you to stay in Abu Dhabi for up to six months and provides access to the country’s many cultural and artistic attractions. Those who qualify can also apply for citizenship.

Who can apply for the Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme?

An individual must meet specific mandatory criteria for a visa in order to get the Abu Dhabi Creative Visa:

1. A prospective immigrant applying for the Visa must have an occupation that does not exceed 10 years.

2. They should be able to draw an informative or insightful production within the realm in which they have gotten considerable experience, or they are playing at least now.

3. They should be required to contribute at least three years and a lot more in the field they are interested in.

What are the benefits of the Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme?

The Creative Visa, of which Abu Dhabi will be sponsoring this jointly sponsored, will constitute a mutually beneficial system that will benefit innovative thinkers and artists, providing them with world-class facilities and infrastructure, as well as safe and inspirational living and working environments for homeowners, families, and partner cities.

There are many benefits of a creative visa in Abu Dhabi. These visas allow you to work in the country without obtaining a work permit. Additionally, these visas offer some great tax benefits and allow you to live and work in the country indefinitely. If you are looking to come to Abu Dhabi, contact one of our immigration experts today. The professionals at the Abu Dhabi immigration office will be happy to help you with all your visa questions and will guide you through the whole process.

The visa for creative people is one of the most popular visas in the UAE. It offers a number of benefits to those who hold it, including access to subsidized housing, tax breaks, and preferential treatment when applying for jobs. The visa also allows holders to work in the UAE without obtaining a work permit. The visa is issued as a temporary residency permit for a period of up to five years. It is required that the applicant has already lived in the UAE for at least three months and has had an employment contract or offer of employment signed by an employer. 

Other Benefits

a) The applicant will get 5 to 10 years in the UAE is a long-term residence permit.

b) Looking toward the future, they are anxious about the security of their home country.

c) Work in the UAE, study and live.

d) 100 percent of businesses in the UAE 's mainland operate through company ownership.

e) It is not necessary to look for a national sponsor.

How to apply for the Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme?

1. You have to fill out the application for the service

2. You have to submit the application copies and the passport.

3. Then you have to submit the id.

4. The applicant has submitted his updated resume.

5. The applicant has to give his contact number and valid email address.

a) Then the applicant will receive a notification through mail or the phone number that he has shared in the application.

b) Then it would allow for the issuance of permits.

c) The applicant will have to contact the concerned authority to provide the long-term residence Visa service delivery channel on info@dubaiculture.ae

The applicant of literature field

a) They also do not need a career of fewer than ten years in their particular field.

b) Their writing in a particular field should be well-suited to stylistically and convincingly synthesizing creation and narration.


The Abu Dhabi Creative Visa Scheme is an excellent opportunity for creative professionals. It offers an opportunity to live and work in a vibrant city with a rich culture. The scheme is open to anyone with creative skills, including writers, artists, and filmmakers. If you are interested in applying for the scheme, be sure to visit the official website Dubai Visit Visa Online for more information.

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