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The Privacy Policy of www.dubaivisitvisa.online as mentioned below is intended to provide privacy related information to the users of the website and how the information is used and processed.


Processing time appeared in visa under www.dubaivisitvisa.online are estimated and dependent onEmbassy/Consulates preparing times under typical conditions. Processing time ought to be determined subsequent to presenting the documents to Embassy/Consulate. The Embassy/Consulate may postpone the preparing time because of the requirement for extra documents, nearby holidays or celebrations that happened between the processing of visas with no further clarification. www.dubaivisitvisa.online will not be liable for any refusal, cancellation or monetary losses because of postponement in preparing from Embassy. No service expenses, government office expenses, delivering charges or some other segment of visa charges will be refunded because of postponement or denial of services.


You accept that your credit card(s) will be charged following on the online verification happens. You consent to pay all expenses and charges for any items or services offered available to be purchased by www.dubaivisitvisa.online or by some other merchant or specialist organization through www.dubaivisitvisa.online. You will cover all material expenses and delivery charges identifying with the purchase of some other items or services. Necessities and expenses related with the processing of visas are liable to change, including, however not restricted to, Embassy consular charges, application structures and documentation needed for visa issuance, which is liable to change without notice.


www.dubaivisitvisa.online utilizes Blue Dart/DHL for all its delivery requires. You consent to utilize all the transportation services given by www.dubaivisitvisa.online. At times documents may get harmed www.dubaivisitvisa.online isn'tanswerable for any harm, loss of reports during delivery. www.dubaivisitvisa.online doesn't ensure any cases on delivery services given by organizations. www.dubaivisitvisa.online isn't answerable for any slip-ups done by transportation companies to give documents not on schedule or if the quality is poor


www.dubaivisitvisa.online gives a valiant effort to effectively portray all services that show up on the site. Notwithstanding, www.dubaivisitvisa.online doesn't warrant that all the statements, definitions, and depictions are generally current, complete, precise, and mistake free. Departments regularly change their necessities and charges without earlier notice and changes can produce results right away. Regardless, will any portrayal of services or any data on our website become obsolete or mistaken, you consent to hold www.dubaivisitvisa.online harmless. You won't consider www.dubaivisitvisa.online liable for all errors or missteps inservice depictions, costs, handling times, preparing dates, and other data gave on the www.dubaivisitvisa.online site


By submitting enrollment and application structures, you confirm that the data you give is valid and right. You are answerable for keeping up the secrecy of your User ID (login) and password. You are answerable for all uses of your User ID (login), regardless of whether approved by you. You consent to advise us promptly of any unapproved utilization of your User ID or password. Do refer to our Privacy Statement that administers submitted and distributed data.


If you wish to cancel the visa the refund will be entitled in cases-

  • If you wish to cancel the visa application within 24 hours then only visa fees will be refunded.
  • If you wish to cancel the visa application after 24 hours, then we will refund the 50% visa fees only (after the deduction of service fees and bank charges).
  • If you wish to cancel the visa application after 24 hours but we have forward it to the Embassy, then no fees will be refunded.
  • In any case, services fees(26 USD), express service fees(200 USD) and the transaction charges are non-refundable.
  • In case of cancellation/Rejection of visa application by the embassy, no fees will be refunded.
  • If the embassy needs additional documents and you have not provided, due to which visa application is rejected than also fees will not be refunded.
  • www.dubaivisitvisa.online all the payments will be generated by dubaivisitvisa.online

You may cancel the visa application by contacting us on our service line or you can also reach us through mail. dubaivisitvisa.online does not refund the 3 months old payments made by credit card under any circumstances.


When applying for a visa for your travel the following points regarding the insurance is to be kept in mind

  • Applying for a travel insurance before applying for a travel visa will be absolutely necessary.
  • The payment of the travel insurance can be done after the visa has been approved.
  • Only after the payment of the travel insurance in full will you receive the approved visa along with the insurance.
  • The price of insurance may vary from person to person and liable to change with other conditions hereby not mentioned.
  • You will also not be eligible for a refund of the insurance fees once the insurance has been applied for and you want to cancel it due to change of plans.
  • Only those travel insurances will be acceptable that has been approved by the UAE government and no other insurances applied from any private agencies or foreign companies will note be acceptable.
  • All the travel insurances applied for must follow all the COVID 19 guidelines as give through the UN. Once you apply for an insurance through us, there is no need to apply for another one through either the airlines or a private agency.
  • No booking of visas will be forwarded without having a travel insurance applied for.


By using www.dubaivisitvisa.online you give the website full permission to contact you through any means of communication like email id or contact number.


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You may not access or utilize this site for some other reason other than that for which we make this site accessible. As a client, you consent not to-

  • Utilize this site to publicize for your use or to offer the services that are accessible on this site.
  • Occupied with unapproved framing or connecting to the site.
  • The stunt, defraud or misdirect us and different clients, particularly in any attempt to learn sensitive record data, for example, client passwords.
  • Erase the copyright or some other restrictive right notification from different substance.
  • Utilize the site in a way conflicting with any appropriate laws or guidelines.


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This site contains information "AS IS" to all the clients. www.dubaivisitvisa.online doesn't make assurance or portrayals of any sort concerning data, requirements, limitations, quality, content, subject, style, given straightforwardly or through any outsider site to this site.


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