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A Nol card is a form of identification that can be used to travel throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It's mostly used by foreign workers, who need an official document to apply for a nol card. 

 A nol card is a type of financial instrument used by certain businesses to set aside profits for tax purposes. A nol is issued to a company when it does not have sufficient cash or liquid assets on hand to pay its taxes. 

What is a nol card?

A noi or no-liquid asset card is a form of identification issued by the government of Dubai to residents who have no liquid assets. The card can be used to open bank accounts, and it’s considered an identity document by banks.

However, it may not necessarily mean you won’t have to pay taxes in Dubai or elsewhere. You may still have to pay tax on your real estate if you own property there.


What are the benefits of having a nol card?

 The NOL card is a smart card that you can use to pay for items at the grocery store, gas stations, and other places. You can also use it to make purchases from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

When you use your nol card, the merchant will receive your name and address so they know who to charge. If you have any questions about using your nol card, visit the website or contact customer service.

Here are some benefits to get an NOL card;

  • You can use it as a form of identification when you travel abroad.
  • You can use it as proof that you are not working if you need to claim unemployment benefits in the future.
  • You can use at ATM and cash dispensers at Dubai International Airport
  • You can use it at All Emirates airlines counters at Dubai International Airport
  • You can use it at Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram stations, including the airport rail link service between Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.
  • It will help you save money on your utility bills, as they are often cheaper than they are in other countries.

How do you obtain a nol card?

The Nol Card is a travel document issued by the Dubai Government and provided to Emiratis and expatriates who wish to travel to and from Dubai. You cannot work or remain in the UAE with the Nol Card because it is not a visa. It should be noted that if you have an Emirates ID, you are automatically granted a Nol Card when you enter the country.

The card is used as proof of identity and nationality when traveling between Dubai International Airport (DXB) and other emirate airports, including Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH). It can also be used as a method of identification when entering certain government buildings, such as hospitals, schools, universities, and banks.

However, to get a Nol card, you must first be a permanent resident of the UAE. You must thus have resided in the nation for a minimum of three years. You must first apply for a temporary residency visa if you haven't been residing in the UAE for three years or more.


What conditions must be met to receive an NOL card?

The Nationality and Citizenship (NOC) card is an official identification card issued by the Ministry of Interior. The card is issued to identify and verify the nationality or citizenship of an individual who has been granted a UAE residency visa.

The card offers info such as a name, picture, country, and/or citizenship (if applicable). It also includes information on how to apply for a resident visa and any other conditions that could be relevant.

Here are some requirements to get an NOL card;

  • You must have a valid NOL card before you can obtain your NOL certificate.
  • Your NOL card is valid for one year from the date of issue unless otherwise stated on the front of your card.
  • Your NOL card must be surrendered when you apply for your NOL certificate and has no bearing on the validity of your certificate once issued.
  • You must have been a victim of an offense for which the perpetrator has been convicted or pardoned except in cases where the victim was an employee or member of the family of such a person.
  • You must have registered with Dubai Police before making any new complaint against anyone else.
  • You must complete all necessary formalities to obtain a nol card, including paying applicable fees and presenting the original documents required to issue such cards.
  • A minimum of six months must elapse after your intended return date for your passport to remain valid.
  • You must demonstrate your ability to sustain yourself financially while living in Dubai with the aid of family, friends, or other trustworthy sources.
  • You must present evidence of your Dubai residency (i.e., a rental contract or bank statement)

What does a Nol card serve?

The Nol card is a smart card that may be used in Dubai to make payments and transactions. It was originally issued in 2007 and has since evolved to become one of Dubai's most popular payment cards. The National Bank of Kuwait issued the Nol card, which is accepted at over 200,000 retailers across the UAE.

The Nol card works by scanning your face to check your identity and then deducting money from your bank account when you make a payment or purchase something online. The card has no plastic so there are no costs associated with replacing it if lost or stolen.

How to make transactions via a Nol card?

The Nol card is a new form of payment that allows you to make payments without the need for cash or a credit card.

The Nol card can be used at over 3,000 merchants across Dubai and the UAE. It is accepted at more than 4,000 ATMs in the Middle East, including all those listed on this website.

The Nol card allows users to pay for products using their cell phone and functions just like any other debit or credit card. The customer simply uses the app on their phone to scan the QR code on the merchant’s screen and enter their details. The transaction is then completed instantly by contacting their bank account via SMS/email/WhatsApp and then authorizing the transaction.

Once your transaction has been authorized, you will receive an SMS confirmation notifying you that your payment has been successful.

What dangers come along with using a Nol card?

The Nol Card is a multi-purpose card that can be used in many ways. You can use it to pay for goods and services at any merchant who accepts Mastercard, Visa, or American Express credit or debit cards.

It is a credit card that citizens of other nations may use in the UAE. The card is issued by Nol and has been designed to allow you to enjoy all the benefits of an Emirates ID card, but without having to apply for one. The card is accepted at hotels, restaurants, and shops throughout the country, and can also be used for public transport.

The biggest risk is losing the card. If you lose your card, you will be unable to use it to withdraw money from an ATM or make any purchases.

Another risk is that your Nol card could be stolen from a convenience store or market stall. You won't be able to make a purchase with the funds on your Nol card in this scenario. Due to the theft of your card, you will also be unable to use an ATM to get cash.

The third risk associated with using a Nol card is identity theft. If someone steals your identity and makes purchases using your credit or debit cards without your permission, they could get into serious trouble with the law.


The nol card is specifically permitted for Dubai residents and this is the best option for individuals who travel often. This is a payment method that is connected to your bank account. Each time you pay using a nol card; the bank will automatically deduct the amount and then transfer it back to your bank account in return. 

The nol card has several other purposes, one of which is travel. For example, Emirates Airlines offers passengers a nol card as part of the boarding pass. This provides passengers with a convenient and secure way to pay for merchandise and obtain receipts for reimbursement.

The Nol card is the transport cashless system for essential services in Dubai. The card is used to pay for parking and services related to public transportation. The same card may also be used in Dubai to pay for a variety of utility services.


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